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108+ Colors That Start With S (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With S

    Step into the vibrant world of color with our next exploration, “Colors That Start With S”. This detailed guide sweeps across the spectrum of hues that begin with the nineteenth letter of the alphabet. From well-recognized shades like ‘Silver’ and ‘Scarlet’ to more unique hues such as ‘Saffron’ and ‘Shamrock’, we’ll traverse the diverse terrain of ‘S’ colors.

    Ideal for artists looking to deepen their color understanding, designers eager to expand their palette, or color enthusiasts seeking knowledge, this exploration is a rich source of information and inspiration. We’ll uncover the symbolism, cultural relevance, and psychological implications of these hues, offering a holistic view of our colorful world. So, let’s set out on this splendid journey into the world of ‘S’ colors, where each hue reveals a story and evokes a mood. Enjoy the expedition!

    Colors That Start With The Letter S

    Welcome to the intriguing spectrum of colors beginning with the letter ‘S’. ‘S’ brings us a delightful variety of colors, ranging from vibrant and bold to subtle and soothing. Whether you’re a designer looking to infuse your creations with the perfect hue, an artist seeking inspiration, or simply a color enthusiast, there’s plenty to explore in the vast array of ‘S’ colors.

    1. Scarlet


    Scarlet is a bright red color with a slightly orange tinge. Named after a type of cloth used in the Middle Ages, scarlet is often associated with courage, passion, and flamboyance. It’s a bold, attention-grabbing color that can energize any design or artwork.

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    2. Silver


    A sophisticated and modern color, silver is named after the precious metal. It is often associated with wealth, technology, and modernity. Silver can bring a sleek, polished look to designs.

    3. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue

    As the name suggests, sky blue reflects the color of a clear, unclouded sky. This tranquil, calming color is often associated with peace, serenity, and spaciousness. It’s a popular color in design for creating a soothing, airy feel.

    4. Salmon


    Salmon is a pinkish-orange color, named after the color of salmon flesh. It is often associated with health, vitality, and energy. In design, it’s often used to add a lively, vibrant touch.

    5. Sapphire


    Named after the gemstone, sapphire is a deep, brilliant blue. It’s often associated with wisdom, royalty, and divine favor. Sapphire can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to designs.

    6. Sepia


    Sepia is a reddish-brown color, named after the rich brown pigment derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish. It is often associated with nostalgia, history, and the past. In design, sepia can be used to create a warm, vintage feel.

    7. Shamrock


    Shamrock is a medium-light hue of green. It is named after the clover-like plant that is a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. It represents luck, balance, and growth. In design, it can be used to create a fresh, nature-inspired look.

    8. Smoke


    Smoke is a medium gray with bluish undertones. As the name suggests, it’s reminiscent of the color of smoke. It can bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to a design, and it works well as a neutral backdrop for more vibrant colors.

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    9. Strawberry


    Strawberry is a rich, bright pink-red color, reminiscent of the color of ripe strawberries. It’s a lively and playful color often associated with sweetness and springtime. In design, strawberry can add a pop of joyful, energetic color.

    10. Sunflower


    Sunflower is a bright, light-yellow color, named after the vibrant blooms of the sunflower plant. It’s often associated with happiness, warmth, and energy. In design, sunflower can infuse a sense of cheerfulness and positivity.

    List of Colors Starting with S

    SabbaticalSableSacramento State Green
    SaddleSaddle BrownSafari
    Safety BlueSafety OrangeSafety Red
    Safety YellowSaffronSage
    Sage GreenSaharaSail
    SalemSalmonSalmon Pink
    SaloonSalt BoxSan Felix
    San JuanSanctuarySand
    Sand DuneSandalSandalwood
    SandstormSandstorm YellowSandy Brown
    SangriaSanguineSanta Fe
    Santa RedSap GreenSapphire
    Sapphire BlueSaratogaSargent Pepper
    Sasquatch SocksSassySatellite
    Satin Sheen GoldSaturnScarlet
    Schauss PinkSchistSchool Bus Yellow
    Science BlueScorpionScreamin Green
    Screamin’ GreenScrubSea Blue
    Sea Foam GreenSea GreenSea Nymph
    Sea SerpentSeagullSeal
    Seal BrownSeanceSeashell
    SeaweedSecretSecret Garden
    SeismicSelective YellowSepia
    Shadow BlackShadow BlueShadow Gray
    ShakespeareShale GreenShamrock
    Shamrock GreenSharkSheen Green
    Sheer BlackShelduck BlueSherpa Blue
    Sherwood GreenShimmering BlushShiny Shamrock
    Ship CoveShockingShocking Pink
    Shooting StarShowtimeShrimp
    SilkSilverSilver Chalice
    Silver PinkSilver SandSinbad
    Sing SongSinopiaSiren
    SiroccoSisalSizzling Red
    Sizzling SunriseSkepticSkobeloff
    Skobeloff GreenSky BlueSky Magenta
    Slate BlueSlate GraySlate Grey
    SlimeSlimy GreenSlugger
    SmokeSmokey TopazSmoky Black
    Smooth CreamSnapSnow
    SoapSocratesSoft Sage
    Solid GoldSolid PinkSomerset
    Sonic BoomSonic SilverSoot
    SorbusSorrell BrownSouffle
    Southwest BlueSoya BeanSpace Cadet
    Space ShuttleSpanish BistreSpanish Blue
    Spanish CarmineSpanish CrimsonSpanish Gray
    Spanish GreenSpanish OrangeSpanish Pink
    Spanish RedSpanish Sky BlueSpanish Violet
    Spanish ViridianSpanish WhiteSpark
    SpectraSpiceSpicy Mustard
    SpirulinaSpongeSports Star
    SpraySpring BudSpring Frost
    Spring GreenSpring RainSpring Wood
    SquallSquirrelSt Tropaz
    St. Patrick’S BlueSt. Patrick’S BlueStar Command Blue
    Star DustStarfruitStark White
    Steel BlueSteel GraySteel Pink
    Steel TealSterling SilverStil De Grain Yellow
    StilettoStoneStone Age
    Strawberry BlondeStreetwiseStromboli
    Strong Lime GreenSublimeSubmarine
    SubzeroSugar PlumSummer Green
    SunraySunsetSuper Duper
    Super PinkSuper SonicSuperhero
    Suva GraySwamp GreenSwans Down
    Sweet BrownSweet DreamsSweet Pea Green
    Sweet PinkSweet PurpleSwiss Coffee
    SymphonySyracuse Orange


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    These are just a glimpse of the wide range of colors that start with ‘S’. Each brings its own unique vibe and can inspire a multitude of different moods and emotions. Delve deeper into this spectrum, and you’ll find a world of colors waiting to invigorate your creative endeavors.

    Colors That Start With

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