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203+ Colors That Start With T (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With T

    Take a trip through the vibrant world of color with our latest installment, “Colors That Start With T”. This comprehensive guide delves into an array of hues that begin with the twentieth letter of the alphabet. From common shades like ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Teal’ to more distinctive hues such as ‘Thistle’ and ‘Taupe’, we’ll navigate the intriguing landscape of ‘T’ colors. Whether you’re an artist eager to expand your color knowledge, a designer seeking to diversify your palette, or a color enthusiast, this guide is meant to enlighten and inspire.

    We’ll explore the cultural contexts, history, and psychological impacts of these hues, deepening your understanding and appreciation of our colorful world. So, let’s embark on this tantalizing journey into the world of ‘T’ colors, discovering the hidden stories and meanings that each shade holds. Enjoy the tour!

    Colors That Start With The Letter T

    The diverse world of colors provides us with a seemingly infinite palette to draw from. As we move down the alphabet to colors starting with ‘T’, we encounter a range of hues that are as fascinating as they are diverse. Let’s explore the depth and richness of these ‘T’ colors:

    1. Teal


    Teal is a medium to dark greenish-blue color. Named after the teal duck, which has a similar color stripe on its head, it’s a versatile color associated with tranquility and sophistication. Teal is often used in design to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

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    2. Tomato


    The color tomato is a vibrant, medium shade of red that tends toward the orange. This warm, inviting color derives its name from the ripe tomato fruit. In design, it is often used to draw attention and inspire energy and excitement.

    3. Turquoise


    Turquoise is a greenish-blue color that’s named after the turquoise gemstone. It carries associations of tropical waters, relaxation, and luxury. In design and art, turquoise adds a refreshing, calming touch.

    4. Tangerine


    Tangerine is a bright, bold shade of orange. As the name suggests, it resembles the outer skin of the tangerine fruit. It’s a playful and energizing color that can inject vibrancy and enthusiasm into any design or artwork.

    5. Taupe


    Taupe is a dark brown-gray color, similar to the color of moles’ fur, from which the name originates (taupe means ‘mole’ in French). It’s a neutral, earthy color often used in design to convey elegance, stability, and calm.

    6. Thistle


    Thistle is a light purplish-pink color that’s named after the thistle plant. Often associated with royalty, mystery, and magic, it brings a soft, unique, and creative touch to design elements.

    7. Tumbleweed


    Tumbleweed is a grayish shade of brown or beige. Named after the dried plants that tumble across the desert, it conveys feelings of rusticity, warmth, and tranquility. In design, it can be used as a neutral or to create a sense of antiquity.

    8. Teak


    Teak is a medium to dark brown color. The name comes from the teak tree, known for its rich brown wood. Teak suggests reliability, stability, and nature, and can be used to create a warm, inviting feel.

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    9. Tawny


    Tawny is a light brown to brownish-orange color. The name originates from the Old French ‘tauné’, meaning ‘tan’. It is associated with the earth and nature, and can bring a cozy, organic touch to designs.

    10. Tiffany Blue

    Tiffany Blue

    Tiffany Blue is a specific shade of light blue, associated with Tiffany & Co., the famous New York jewelry company. The color is protected as a trademark and is seen as a symbol of luxury and elegance.

    List of Colors Starting with T

    Taffy CreamTahiti GoldTahuna Sands
    TakakaTalismanTall Poppy
    TallowTamarilloTamarillo Orange
    TamarindTanTan Hide
    TanaTandooriTang Blue
    Tangerine YellowTangoTango Pink
    Tao GreyTapaTapestry
    TarmacTarotTart Orange
    TasmanTaupeTaupe Gray
    TawnyTawny BirchTawny Port
    Tax BreakTe Papa GreenTea
    Tea GreenTea RoseTeak
    TealTeal BlueTeal Deer
    Teal GreenTechnoTechnobotanica
    Terra CottaTerracottaTerracotta Hit
    Terracotta PinkTerrainTexas
    Texas RoseThatchThatch Green
    ThistleThistle GreenThree Wishes
    Thulian PinkThunderThunderbird
    Tia MariaTiaraTiber
    Tickle Me PinkTickled PinkTidal
    TideTiebreakerTiffany Blue
    Tiger LilyTiger OrangeTiger’S Eye
    TiggerTile GreenTimber Green
    TimberlandTimberwolfTime Out
    Time WarpTinkerbellTinpan Alley
    TiriTitan WhiteTitania
    TitaniumTitanium WhiteTitanium Yellow
    ToadstoolToastToasted Green
    Tobacco BrownTobagoToffee
    Toi ToiToledoTolopea
    Tom ThumbTom TomTomahawk
    Toolbox RedTop GearTop Secret
    TopazTopsy TurvyTornado
    Torris BlueToscaToto
    Touch WoodTourmalineTower Gray
    Tractor RedTradewindTraffic
    Traffic LightTrailblazerTrainspotter
    TreasureTree FrogTree Poppy
    TreehouseTreetopsTrendy Green
    Trendy PinkTrinidadTriple Perfect Taupe
    Triple Spanish WhiteTriple White PointerTrolley Grey
    Tropical BlueTropical IndigoTropical Rain Forest
    Tropical RainforestTropical VioletTroubadour
    TroutTrue BlueTrue Ochre
    True RedTrue VTrypan Blue
    T-Shirt GreenTsunamiTuatara
    Tuft BushTufts BlueTulip
    Tulip OrangeTulip TreeTumbleweed
    TuracoverdinTurboTurkey Blue
    Turkey RedTurkey UmberTurkish Rose
    TurmericTurquoiseTurquoise Blue
    Turquoise GreenTurquoise SurfTurtle Green
    TuscanTuscan BrownTuscan Red
    Tuscan TanTuscanyTusk
    TussockTutti FruttiTutu
    TwentyfoursevenTwilightTwilight Blue
    Twilight LavenderTwineTwister
    Twitter BlueTyrian Purple


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    From calming blues to vibrant oranges and neutral browns, the ‘T’ colors offer a wealth of inspiration. Their range and versatility can stimulate creativity and help you convey just the right mood and meaning in your designs, artwork, or any project that involves color.

    Colors That Start With

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