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255+ Colors That Start With B (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With B

    Welcome to another vibrant chapter in our series exploring the universe of color. In this installment, “Colors That Start With B,” we will guide you through the multifaceted world of hues that begin with the second letter of the alphabet. From ‘Blue’ to ‘Burgundy’, ‘Beige’ to ‘Bronze’, and a plethora of colors in between, this expansive journey promises to broaden your color vocabulary and inspire your creative spirit.

    This guide will be useful for professionals in design or art, but it’s also for anyone who is simply captivated by the variety and depth of color around us. Step into the spectrum of ‘B’ colors and discover the diverse shades and tones hidden within this single alphabet letter. It’s time to illuminate your understanding of colors as we journey from the familiar to the unique and exotic. Enjoy the adventure!

    Colors That Start With The Letter B

    From the splendor of a sunrise to the complexity of a canvas, colors play an instrumental role in beautifying our world. In this detailed exploration, we’ll venture into the realm of colors starting with the letter ‘B’. So, buckle up and prepare to be mesmerized by the beautiful, bold, and breathtaking hues that ‘B’ has to offer.

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    1. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue

    Starting off our list is Baby Blue, a pastel color that resembles the sky at dawn. It’s a light, airy hue that’s often associated with boys, but its gentle and calming aesthetic makes it a popular choice for a wide array of applications, including home décor, fashion, and graphic design.

    2. Beige


    Beige is a soft, light color embodying the warmth of brown and the purity of white. As a neutral shade, Beige is versatile and timeless, fitting seamlessly into a variety of design schemes, whether in interior design, fashion, or digital art.

    3. Black


    No color list is complete without Black, a powerful and profound color often associated with mystery, elegance, and sophistication. From the little black dress to black-tie events, this color adds a depth and strength that’s unparalleled.

    4. Blue


    Blue, one of the primary colors, is a versatile and universally loved color. From the depths of navy blue to the serenity of sky blue, this color evokes feelings of peace, trust, and stability. It’s also associated with intelligence and productivity, which is why you often see it in offices and classrooms.

    5. Burgundy


    Named after the wine produced in the Burgundy region of France, this color is a dark red tint with a touch of purple. Burgundy symbolizes sophistication, wealth, and ambition, making it a favorite for formal attire and rich, luxurious designs.

    6. Bronze


    Bronze is a metallic shade that’s a medium hue between brown and copper. It’s named after the alloy of the same name and often conveys feelings of antiquity and durability. You’ll often see Bronze used in typography, signage, and medals.

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    7. Blush


    A light pink hue with a hint of peach, Blush is often associated with innocence, sweetness, and romance. It’s a popular color in beauty, fashion, and interior design, known for adding a soft, warm glow to any palette.

    8. Banana Yellow

    Banana Yellow

    Banana Yellow, as the name suggests, resembles the vibrant color of a ripe banana. This energetic and playful color can instantly brighten up any design, adding a sense of joy and optimism.

    9. Bottle Green

    Bottle Green

    Bottle Green is a dark shade of green, similar to the color of green glass bottles. It’s a rich, earthy color that brings a touch of nature into any design. It’s often used in fashion, interior design, and branding to convey stability, growth, and prosperity.

    10. Bisque


    Bisque is a pale, off-white color with a hint of pink or peach. The term was originally used in the pottery industry to describe a type of unglazed, fired ceramic ware. Bisque is a soft and neutral color that brings a warm, calming vibe to any design.

    11. Bittersweet


    Bittersweet is a bright, reddish-orange color that captures the eye-catching hue of the bittersweet nightshade berries. It’s a vibrant and energetic color that can bring a pop of excitement to any design or outfit.

    12. Brick Red

    Brick Red

    Named after the color of traditional red bricks, Brick Red is a warm, earthy color. It’s a sturdy, reliable hue often used in construction and design to evoke feelings of stability and comfort.

    13. Baby Pink

    Baby Pink

    Baby Pink is a soft, delicate shade of pink often associated with charm, love, and femininity. Its tender and sweet nature makes it a popular choice for nurseries, clothing, and cosmetic products.

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    14. Byzantium


    Byzantium is a rich, dark shade of purple, named after the ancient city of Byzantium (modern-day Istanbul). This royal and mysterious color is often associated with luxury, power, and ambition.

    15. Battleship Grey

    Battleship Grey

    Battleship Grey, a medium grey color, gets its name from being used in the naval paint schemes of many mid-20th century warships. It’s a neutral and balanced color often used in industrial and minimalist design schemes.

    List of Colors Starting with B

    B’Dazzled BlueBaby BlueBaby Blue Eyes
    Baby PinkBaby PowderBaby Purple
    Baby’S BlanketBahama BlueBahia
    BaikalBaked EarthBaker-Miller Pink
    Bali HaiBall BlueBall Green
    BalticBambooBamboo Green
    Bamboo OrangeBanana ManiaBanana Yellow
    BandicootBangladesh GreenBarberry
    Barbie PinkBarley CornBarley White
    Barn RedBarossaBarrel
    BasaltBase FleshBass
    BastilleBattleship GrayBattleship Grey
    Bay LeafBay Of ManyBazaar
    B’Dazzled BlueBearBeau Blue
    Beauty BushBeaverBeechwood
    BermudaBerry RedBeryl
    BiancaBiceBice Blue
    Bice GreenBig Dip O’RubyBig Dip O’Ruby
    Big StoneBilbaoBilberry
    BileBiloba FlowerBirch
    BisqueBistreBistre Brown
    BitterBitter LemonBitter Lime
    BittersweetBittersweet ChocolateBizarre
    BlackBlack BeanBlack Blue
    Black BrownBlack CoffeeBlack Coral
    Black Coral PearlBlack Forest GreenBlack Haze
    Black Leather JacketBlack MartinBlack Olive
    Black PearlBlack PepperBlack Plum
    Black PurpleBlack RockBlack Rose
    Black RussianBlack SesameBlack Shadows
    Black SqueezeBlack WhiteBlackadder
    BlackberryBlackbirdBlackboard犀利士 td>
    BlackcurrantBlanched AlmondBlast-Off Bronze
    Blaze OrangeBleached CedarBleached Sand
    Bleu CelesteBleu De FranceBlizzard Blue
    BlondBlood OrangeBlood Red
    BlossomBlueBlue Bayoux
    Blue BellBlue BlackBlue Bolt
    Blue ChalkBlue CharcoalBlue Chiffon
    Blue ChillBlue DiamondBlue Dianne
    Blue GemBlue GrayBlue Green
    Blue Green PastelBlue GreyBlue Grey Mist
    Blue HazeBlue JeansBlue Lagoon
    Blue MargueriteBlue MistBlue Purple
    Blue RibbonBlue RomanceBlue Sapphire
    Blue SmokeBlue StoneBlue Violet
    Blue WhaleBlue YonderBlue Zodiac
    Bluegrass GreenBlue-GrayBlue-Magenta Violet
    Bluish GreenBlumineBlush
    Blush FleshBlush PinkBole
    BombayBondi BlueBone
    BossanovaBoston BlueBoston University Red
    BotticelliBottle GreenBoulder
    BrackenBrandappleBrandeis Blue
    BrandyBrandy PunchBrandy Rose
    BrassBreaker BayBrick Red
    Bridal HeathBridesmaidBright Amaranth Pink
    Bright CeruleanBright GrayBright Green
    Bright LavenderBright LilacBright Maroon
    Bright MintBright Navy BlueBright Orange
    Bright PinkBright RedBright Sun
    Bright TurquoiseBright UbeBright Wood
    Bright YellowBrilliant AzureBrilliant Jaune
    Brilliant LavenderBrilliant PinkBrilliant Red
    Brilliant RoseBring It OnBrink Pink
    British Racing GreenBroncoBronze
    Bronze OliveBronzetoneBroom
    BrownBrown BrambleBrown Derby
    Brown PodBrown RustBrown Sugar
    Brown TumbleweedBrown YellowBrunswick Green
    Brussels CamelBubble GumBubbles
    BuccaneerBud GreenBuddha Gold
    BuffBulgarian RoseBunker
    BurlywoodBurnhamBurning Orange
    Burning SandBurnished BrownBurnt Maroon
    Burnt OrangeBurnt SiennaBurnt Umber
    Buttered RumButterfly BushButtermilk
    Buttery WhiteButton BlueByzantine


    Each of these colors beginning with ‘B’ brings its own unique character to the table, and they play a crucial role in shaping our visual experiences. Understanding these colors and their connotations allows us to better appreciate the richness of our world and helps us make more informed decisions when it comes to design, art, and fashion. So, the next time you’re thinking about colors, consider exploring the beautiful ‘B’ hues. Whether you’re painting a room, designing a logo, or choosing an outfit, these colors are bound to make your creation stand out.

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