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129+ Colors That Start With U (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With U

    Unveil the captivating world of color with our latest exploration, “Colors That Start With U”. This in-depth guide dives into a range of hues that begin with the twenty-first letter of the alphabet. From universally recognized shades like ‘Ultramarine’ and ‘Umber’ to lesser-known hues such as ‘Urobilin’ and ‘Unbleached Silk’, we’ll traverse the unique landscape of ‘U’ colors.

    This exploration is intended for artists looking to expand their color vocabulary, designers striving to enhance their palette, or anyone with a keen interest in the fascinating world of color. As we delve into the history, cultural significance, and psychological implications of these hues, we aim to enrich your understanding and appreciation of the colorful world we inhabit. So, let’s embark on this unconventional journey into the world of ‘U’ colors, unveiling the stories and symbolism each shade has to offer. Enjoy the unfolding journey!

    Colors That Start With The Letter U

    When we think of colors that start with the letter ‘U’, we might initially struggle to come up with a lengthy list. However, the world of color is vast and diverse, and indeed, several captivating colors begin with this unique letter. Let’s take a closer look at some of these intriguing ‘U’ colors:

    1. Ultramarine


    Ultramarine is a deep, striking blue color that was originally made by grinding the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli into a powder. This color was once among the most expensive that a painter could use. Today, ultramarine is often associated with richness and depth and can bring a vibrant pop of color to any design.

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    2. Umber


    Umber is a dark, natural, earthy brown color. Its name comes from the Latin word ‘umbra’, meaning shadow. It is traditionally associated with the color of the earth and can be used in designs to create a feeling of warmth and natural elegance.

    3. Unbleached Silk

    Unbleached Silk

    Unbleached silk is a warm, creamy color that, as the name suggests, resembles silk in its raw, unbleached form. This color is often associated with simplicity and purity. In design, it can be used to create a soft, neutral backdrop that allows other colors to shine.

    4. Urobilin


    Urobilin is a biochemically derived color, a pigmented byproduct of hemoglobin breakdown, and is the color most commonly associated with urine. As a color in design, urobilin is a pale yellow with a warm undertone.

    5. Upsdell Red

    Upsdell Red

    Upsdell red is a medium-light shade of red. Named after a 19th-century British artist, Charles A. Upsdell, it’s a strong, vibrant color that can add a dramatic and emotional touch to any design.

    6. Utah Crimson

    Utah Crimson

    Utah Crimson is a vivid, intense shade of red. As the name suggests, it’s associated with the University of Utah, where it’s one of the school colors. This color is typically associated with energy, power, and passion.

    7. United Nations Blue

    United Nations Blue

    United Nations Blue is a medium-light shade of cyan-blue. This color is used by the United Nations and is associated with peace, calm, and unity.

    8. Ultra Pink

    Ultra Pink

    Ultra pink is a bright and vibrant shade of pink. It’s a playful and energetic color that can add a cheerful touch to any design.

    9. UFO Green

    UFO Green

    UFO green is a medium-dark shade of green. The name comes from the green traditionally used in depictions of alien spaceships. In design, this color adds a futuristic and fun element.

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    10. University of California Gold

    University of California Gold

    University of California Gold is a dark shade of yellow. As the name suggests, it’s associated with the University of California system and symbolizes sunshine, joy, and optimism.

    List of Colors Starting with U

    U And IU.S. GreenUa Blue
    Ua RedUbeUcla Blue
    Ucla GoldUfo GreenUgandan Violet
    UguisuchaUguisu-IroUhsting’S Blue
    Ukon-IroUltra GreenUltra Pink
    Ultra RedUltra VioletUltra White
    UltramarineUltramarine 05Ultramarine 2
    Ultramarine BlueUltramarine VioletUluru
    UmberUmber StyleUmbra Gray
    Umbra SandUmbrellaUmbria Red
    Un Num Num NumUnbleached SilkUnbriel
    Uncommon ClarityUncommon CoirUndercurrent
    Undersea BlueUndersea GardenUndersea Voyage
    UnderstatedUnderwaterUnderwater Cave
    Underwater GreenUnderwater WondersUnderwood
    Unicorn BlueUnicorn WhiteUniform Blue
    Uniform GreenUniform Green GrayUninhibited
    Union BlueUniqueUnique Gray
    United Nations BlueUniversal BlackUniversal Blue
    Universal GreenUniversal GreyUniversity Of California Gold
    University Of Pennsylvania RedUniversity Of Tennessee OrangeUniversity Red
    Unknown LegendUnmatched BeautyUnmellow Yellow
    Un-Teal We Meet AgainUnwindUp A Lazy River
    Up Forest GreenUp MaroonUp, Up, And Away
    Upon ReflectionUpsdell RedUptown
    Uptown GirlUrahayanagiUranian Blue
    UranusUrban BlueUrban Blue 2
    Urban BungalowUrban CharmUrban Dream
    Urban GetawayUrban GoldUrban Green
    Urban GreyUrban JungleUrban Legend
    Urban LightsUrban MidnightUrban Mode
    Urban NaturalUrban OasisUrban Pulse
    Urban PurpleUrban PuttyUrban Red
    Urban StoneUrban YellowUrbane
    UrbanistaUrobilinUs Air Force Academy Blue
    Usa BlueUsafa BlueUsc Cardinal
    Usc GoldUseful BrownUseful Gray
    Utah CrimsonUtopia BeckonsUtterly Beige
    Utterly BlueUtterly PinkUtterly Violet


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    Whether used in art, design, or fashion, these ‘U’ colors offer a wonderful array of choices. From the depth and richness of ultramarine to the energetic and bright ultra pink, these colors can add a unique touch to any project. Their associations, historical and current, also make for a fascinating exploration of the cultural and emotional aspects of color.

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