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170+ Colors That Start With L (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With L

    Leap into a vivid exploration of the color spectrum with our latest guide, “Colors That Start With L”. This comprehensive journey navigates through the myriad hues that begin with the twelfth letter of the alphabet. From popular colors such as ‘Lavender’ and ‘Lime’ to more unique shades like ‘Lapis Lazuli’ and ‘Liver’, we’ll traverse the dynamic realm of ‘L’ colors.

    Perfect for artists striving to deepen their color knowledge, designers wanting to diversify their palette, or simply color enthusiasts, this guide offers a wealth of insights. As we delve into the stories, symbolism, and psychology of these hues, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the colorful world we inhabit. So, let’s embark on this luminescent journey into the world of ‘L’ colors and unfold the layers of color meanings and aesthetics hidden within. Enjoy the vibrant adventure!

    Colors That Start With The Letter L

    Exploring the rainbow of colors that exist in our world can lead to some exciting discoveries. One letter that houses an array of stunning colors is ‘L’. From shades inspired by nature to those conjured from the human imagination, here are some colors that begin with the letter ‘L’.

    1. Lavender


    Lavender is a light shade of purple that derives its name from the lavender flower. It is a tranquil and calming color, often used in designs and spaces intended to induce relaxation or evoke romantic and nostalgic feelings.

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    2. Lemon


    Lemon is a fresh and vibrant yellow shade that matches the color of a ripe lemon fruit. This color is associated with joy, energy, and freshness, making it a popular choice for designs intended to grab attention and evoke cheerfulness.

    3. Lilac


    Lilac is a pale violet shade named after the blossoms of the lilac tree. It is a color that is often associated with early spring, as that is when lilac trees bloom. Lilac symbolizes youth, innocence, and confidence.

    4. Lime


    Lime is a color that is a shade of green, so named because it is a representation of the color of the citrus fruit called limes. It is associated with nature, vitality, and growth.

    5. Linen


    Linen is a light beige color that resembles the hue of unbleached linen fabric. It exudes feelings of comfort, neutrality, and relaxation, often used in designs to provide a calming and light background.

    6. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue color that resembles the stone from which it takes its name. This rich color is often associated with power, wisdom, and truth. Lapis Lazuli was used as a pigment in some of the most famous Renaissance paintings.

    7. Latte


    Latte is a medium-dark shade of brown, reminiscent of the color of a freshly brewed café latte. This warm and comforting color is often used in designs related to coffee and gastronomy, but also in fashion and interiors to create a cozy atmosphere.

    8. Laurel Green

    Laurel Green

    Laurel Green is a medium-light hue of green. Its name comes from the laurel plant, and the color represents honor, peace, and eternity. It’s a calm and peaceful color, commonly used in designs related to nature.

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    9. Lava


    Lava is a vibrant red-orange color that mimics the hue of molten lava. It’s associated with energy, danger, and power. This intense color is often used to grab attention in a design.

    10. Lemon Lime

    Lemon Lime

    Lemon Lime is a light, bright yellow-green color, resembling the citrus flavor combination it’s named after. This color is vibrant, energetic, and fresh, often used in designs to create a bright, cheerful feeling.

    11. Light Blue

    Light Blue

    Light Blue is a calm, soft blue hue. It’s often associated with the sky on a clear day. The color represents tranquility, stability, inspiration, and health. It’s a popular color in design, particularly in healthcare and spa industries.

    12. Light Coral

    Light Coral

    Light Coral is a softer, lighter tone of the typical coral color. It has a warm, inviting feel and often symbolizes femininity, love, and vibrancy. It’s a popular choice in design for its versatility and pleasing aesthetic.

    13. Light Sea Green

    Light Sea Green

    Light Sea Green is a pale, cyan-green color that brings to mind images of the sea. It is often used to symbolize freshness, serenity, and inspiration. Designers use this color to create a calming, natural aesthetic.

    List of Colors Starting with L

    La PalmaLa RiojaLa Salle Green
    LaceLake BlueLamp Black
    Lamp Ebony BlackLanguid LavenderLapis Lazuli
    Las PalmasLaserLaser Blue
    Laser CyanLaser GreenLaser Lemon
    Laser RedLatteLaurel
    Laurel GreenLavaLavender
    Lavender BlueLavender BlushLavender Gray
    Lavender IndigoLavender MagentaLavender Mist
    Lavender PinkLavender PurpleLavender Rose
    Lawn GreenLeadLead Tetroxide
    Leaf GreenLeatherLeather Jacket
    LemonLemon ChiffonLemon Curry
    Lemon GingerLemon GlacierLemon Grass
    Lemon LimeLemon MeringueLemon Yellow
    LicoriceLight Aloe GreenLight Apricot
    Light Arylamide YellowLight AvocadoLight Black
    Light BlueLight Blue HazeLight Brown
    Light ButtermilkLight Cadmium GreenLight Cadmium Red
    Light Cadmium YellowLight Carmine PinkLight Chocolate Cosmos
    Light CinnamonLight Cobalt BlueLight Coral
    Light Cornflower BlueLight CrimsonLight Cyan
    Light Deep PinkLight French BeigeLight French Blue
    Light Fuchsia PinkLight GoldLight Goldenrod Yellow
    Light GrassLight GrayLight Green
    Light Hansa YellowLight Hauser GreenLight Hot Pink
    Light IndigoLight KhakiLight Lavender
    Light LimeLight MauveLight Medium Orchid
    Light Mint GreenLight MochaLight Moss Green
    Light Naphthol RedLight OrangeLight Orchid
    Light ParchmentLight Pastel PurpleLight Periwinkle
    Light PinkLight PlumLight Puce
    Light PurpleLight RedLight Salmon
    Light Salmon PinkLight Sea GreenLight Silver
    Light Sky BlueLight Slate GrayLight Steel Blue
    Light Thulian PinkLight TimberwolfLight Wisteria
    Light YellowLightningLightning Yellow
    Lights OutLilacLilac Bush
    Lilac LusterLilyLily White
    LimaLimeLime Green
    LimeadeLimed AshLimed Oak
    Limed SpruceLimerickLincoln Green
    LinenLink WaterLion
    LipstickLisbon BrownLiseran Purple
    Little Boy BlueLiverLiver Chestnut
    LividLivid BrownLoafer
    Log CabinLoganLoganberry
    Loganberry BrownLogidoLol
    LolaLondon HueLonestar
    LoulouLuckyLucky Point
    LumberLuminous GreenLuminous Opera
    Luminous OrangeLuminous RedLuminous Rose
    Luminous VioletLuminous YellowLunar Green
    LustLuxor GoldLynch


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    These are just some of the beautiful colors that start with the letter ‘L’. Each color has its unique story and character, offering endless inspiration for designers, artists, and color enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to evoke certain emotions, make a bold statement, or simply add a touch of aesthetic appeal, these ‘L’ colors are sure to provide the perfect palette.

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