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208+ Idioms That Start With A

    Idioms That Start With A

    Idioms, the colorful fragments of language, paint our conversations with vivid imagery and cultural nuance. Often, these peculiar phrases offer more than meets the eye, carrying hidden meanings or historical significance, making language more dynamic and rich. Beginning our journey with the first letter of the alphabet, this article is dedicated to idioms that start with the letter “A”.

    From apples to ankles, “A” opens a treasure trove of idiomatic expressions that have seasoned the English language for centuries. Whether you’re an avid linguist, a casual conversationalist, or someone looking to add a sprinkle of flair to their speech, understanding the roots and meanings of these idioms can prove both enlightening and entertaining. As we embark on this alphabetical adventure, anticipate a world of anecdotes, origins, and intriguing insights into the idioms that begin with the letter “A”. So, adjust your reading glasses and let’s animate our understanding of these age-old adages!

    Idioms Beginning With Letter A

    Language, in its evolution, has given birth to various idiomatic expressions, those phrases where the words together possess a meaning different from their individual literal interpretations. Idioms bring a splash of color to the otherwise black-and-white language canvas. One letter that has its fair share of idiomatic expressions is the letter ‘A’. In this extensive article, we will dive into some of the most intriguing and commonly used idioms that start with the letter ‘A’.

    1. A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
      • Meaning: It’s better to hold onto something you have than to risk losing it for something better.
      • Example: “I could try for that higher-paying job, but I already have a stable position here. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”
    2. A Blessing in Disguise
      • Meaning: Something that seems negative on the surface but results in something positive.
      • Example: “Losing my job was a blessing in disguise because it led me to find a better one.”
    3. A Breath of Fresh Air
      • Meaning: Someone or something that is refreshing and new.
      • Example: “Her innovative approach to the project was a breath of fresh air.”
    4. A Bull in a China Shop
      • Meaning: Someone who is clumsy or tactless in a situation.
      • Example: “I felt like a bull in a china shop when I knocked over the vase at the antique store.”
    5. A Cat Has Nine Lives
      • Meaning: Cats can survive situations that might seriously harm other animals.
      • Example: “She’s escaped so many close calls, just like a cat has nine lives.”
    6. A Chip Off the Old Block
      • Meaning: Someone who resembles their parent in terms of behavior or appearance.
      • Example: “He’s just like his father when he was young, truly a chip off the old block.”
    7. A Crying Shame
      • Meaning: A regrettable or unfortunate situation.
      • Example: “It’s a crying shame that the old theater is being torn down.”
    8. A Drop in the Bucket
      • Meaning: A very small part of something much larger.
      • Example: “I know my contribution is just a drop in the bucket, but every bit helps.”
    9. A Hot Potato
      • Meaning: A controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with.
      • Example: “The political scandal became such a hot potato that nobody wanted to comment on it.”
    10. A Leap in the Dark
      • Meaning: To do something without being certain of the outcome.
      • Example: “Starting my own business was a leap in the dark, but I’m glad I did it.”
    11. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
      • Meaning: Images can convey complex stories more effectively than words can.
      • Example: “When she showed me the photo from her trip, I understood why she loved it so much. Truly, a picture paints a thousand words.”
    12. A Piece of Cake
      • Meaning: Something that is very easy to do.
      • Example: “The exam was a piece of cake for me.”
    13. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
      • Meaning: People who keep moving or changing will avoid responsibilities or stagnation.
      • Example: “She’s traveled the world without settling down anywhere, just like a rolling stone gathers no moss.”
    14. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
      • Meaning: Addressing a problem early on will save more work later.
      • Example: “Fix that small leak now, or you’ll have bigger problems later. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.”
    15. A Stone’s Throw Away
      • Meaning: A very short distance.
      • Example: “The beach is just a stone’s throw away from my house.”
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    List of idioms Starting with A

    A Barking Dog Never BitesA Person Who Constantly Threatens Never Acts
    A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The BushWhat You Have Is Worth More Than What You Might Have Later
    A Bit MuchMore Than Is Reasonable, A Bit Too Much
    A Bite At The CherryA Good Opportunity That Isn’T Available To Everyone
    A Blessing In DisguiseA Good Thing That Seemed Bad At First
    A BreezeEasy
    A Bull In A China ShopSomeone Who Is Very Clumsy
    A Busy BeeA Busy, Active Person Who Moves Quickly From Task To Task.
    A Cat Has Nine LivesCats Seem To Get Away With Dangerous Things
    A Cat In Gloves Catches No MiceBeing Too Careful Can Result In Failure
    A Cat NapA Short Sleep During The Day
    A Cloud On The HorizonSomething That Threatens To Cause Problems In The Future
    A Cold Day In JulySomething That Will Never Happen
    A Cold FishSomeone Who Is Not Often Moved By Emotions, Who Is Regarded As Being Hard And Unfeeling.
    A Cut AboveSlightly Better Than
    A Cut BelowInferior To, Somewhat Lower In Quality Than
    A Day Late And A Dollar ShortToo Delayed And Insignificant To Have Much Effect
    A Dime A DozenCommon And Available Anywhere
    A Dog In The MangerA Person Who Selfishly Prevent Others From Using, Enjoying Or Profiting From Something Even Though He/ She Cannot Use Or Enjoy It Himself.
    A FabricationTo Tell Lies About Something, Completely Made
    A Few Sandwiches Short Of A PicnicAbnormally Stupid, Not Really Sane
    A Field DayA Very Enjoyable Time
    A Good DealTo A Large Extent, A Lot
    A Great DealTo A Very Large Extent
    A Grey AreaSomething Unclear
    A Guinea PigSomeone Who Is Part Of An Experiment Or Trial
    A Hair’S BreadthA Very Small Distance Or Amount
    A Hell Of A TimeA Difficult Or Exciting Experience
    A Home BirdSomebody Who Prefers To Spend His Social And Free Time At Home.
    A Hundred And Ten PercentMore Than What Seems To Be The Maximum
    A Lame DuckA Person Or Enterprise Often A Business That Is Not A Success And That Has To Be Helped.
    A Leg UpAn Advantage, A Boost
    A LemonA Vehicle That Does Not Work Properly
    A Life Of Its OwnAn Indepdendent Existence
    A Little Bird Told MeI Don’T Wish To Divulge Where I Got The Information
    A Little Birdie Told MeSomeone Told Me A Secret
    A Little From ColumnA Course Of Action Drawing On Several Different Ideas Or Possibilities
    A Little Learning Is A Dangerous ThingPeople Who Don’T Understand Something Fully Are Dangerous
    A Lone WolfSomeone Who Is Not Very Social With Other People
    A Lot On My PlateVery Busy
    A Lot On One’S PlateA Lot To Do
    A Matter Of TimeWhen Something Is Inevitable
    A Million And OneVery Many
    A Mine Of InformationSomeone Or Something That Can Provide You With A Lot Of Information Etc.
    A Notch AboveSuperior To, Higher In Quality
    A Penny For Your ThoughtsAsk For Advice
    A Penny Saved Is A Penny EarnedMoney You Save Today You Can Spend Later
    A Perfect StormThe Worst Possible Situation
    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsA Visual Presentation Can Communicate Something Very Effectively
    A Plum JobAn Easy And Pleasant Job That Also Pays Well
    A Rare BirdSomebody Or Something Of A Kind That One Seldom Sees.
    A Rip-OffToo Expensive
    A Scaredy-CatSomeone Who Is Excessively Scared Or Afraid.
    A Second Bite At The CherryA Second Chance To Do Something
    A Sight For Sore EyesSomeone That You’Re Pleased To See
    A Sitting DuckA Person Or Object In A Vulnerable Position That Is Easy To Attack Or Injure.
    A Snowball EffectEvents Have Momentum And Build Upon Each Other
    A Snowball’S Chance In HellLittle To No Likelihood Of Occurrence Or Success
    A Stitch In Time Saves NineFix The Problem Now Because It Will Get Worse Later
    A Stone’S ThrowA Very Short Distance
    A Storm In A TeacupA Big Fuss About A Small Problem
    A Tall OrderA Difficult Task
    A Tasty Or Juicy Bit Of GossipVery Interesting Or Sensational Gossip
    A Very Frosty ReceptionTo Receive A Greeting That Makes Someone Feel Unwelcome
    A Warm Smile And The Warm HandshakeA Welcoming Smile And Handshake
    A Warm WelcomeA Friendly Welcome
    A Watched Pot Never BoilsConstantly Checking On Something Won’T Make It Happen Faster. Give It Time And Trust The Process
    A Week Is A Long Time InIn The Field Mentioned, The Situation May Change Rapidly
    A Whale Of A TimeAn Exciting Experience
    About TimeFar Past The Desired Time
    About ToOn The Point Of, Occurring Imminently
    Above And BeyondMore Than Is Expected Or Required
    Above BoardOpenly, Without Deceit. Honestly, Reputably.
    Above The LawExempt From The Laws That Apply To Everyone Else.
    Above The SaltOf High Standing Or Honor
    Above WaterNot In Extreme Difficulty. Especially Said Of Finances
    Absence Makes The Heart Grow FonderWhen The People We Love Are Not With Us, We Grow Even More In Love
    Accident Of BirthLuck In Something Due To Family Good Fortune
    Accident Waiting To HappenA Dangerous Way Of Setting Up Or Organizing Something
    According To HoyleProperly, In Accordance With Established Procedures
    Ace In The HoleA Hidden Advantage
    Ace Up One’S SleeveA Surprise Advantage Of Which Others Are Not Aware.
    Achilles HeelSomeone’S Weakness
    Acid TestA Crucial Event That Determines The Worth Of Something
    Acknowledge The CornAdmit To A Mistake, Especially A Small One, Point Out One’S Own Shortcomings, Or Another’S
    Acquired TasteSomething One Learns To Appreciate Only After Trying It Repeatedly
    Across The BoardIn Relation To All Categories, For Everyone
    Across The PondOn Or To The Other Side Of The Atlantic Ocean.
    Act High And MightyBe Arrogant, Presume That One Is Better Than Others
    Act Of CongressHard To Get, Said Of Authorization
    Act One’S AgeTo Be Mature, Not Childish
    Actions Speak Louder Than WordsBelieve What People Do And Not What They Say
    Add Fuel To The FireTo Add More To An Existing Problem
    Add Insult To InjuryTo Make A Bad Situation Worse
    After One’S Own HeartSimilar In A Pleasing Way
    After The FactToo Late, After Something Is Completed Or Finalized
    After The Lord Mayor’S ShowAnticlimactic, Occurring After Something Impressive
    Against The ClockForced To Hurry To Meet A Deadline
    Against The GrainContrary To One’S Natural Inclinations
    Against The Run Of PlayA Typical Of The Way A Game Has Been Going
    Age Before BeautySomething Said By A Younger Woman To An Older One, For Instance Allowing Her To Pass Through A Doorway
    Agree To DisagreeAccept Or Set Aside A Disagreement
    Agreement In PrincipleIn A Negotiation, An Agreement In Which Not All Details Have Been Worked Out
    Aha MomentSudden Realization, The Point At Which One Suddenly Understands Something
    Ahead Of One’S TimeOffering Ideas Not Yet In General Circulation, Highly Creative
    Ahead Of The CurveInnovative, Devising New Ideas In Advance Of Others
    Ahead Of The GameMaking Faster Progress Than Anticipated, Ahead Of Schedule
    Ahead Of TimeEarlier Than The Deadline
    Air RageAngry Behavior Inside An Airplane
    Airy FairyWhimsical, Nonsensical, Impractical
    Albatross Around One’S NeckSomething From One’S Past That Acts As A Hindrance
    Alive And KickingIn Good Health Despite Health Problems
    All AlongFor The Entire Time Something Has Been Happening
    All And SundryEveryoneSeparately Each One.
    All Bark And No BiteTending To Make Verbal Threats But Not Deliver On Them
    All Bets Are OffWhat Seemed Certain Is Now Unclear
    All Dressed Up And Nowhere To GoPrepared With Clothing Or Otherwise For An Event That Does Not Occur
    All EarsListen Carefully
    All Eyes And EarsAttentive
    All Eyes Are OnWatching Alertly Or Attentively. Having Prominent Eyes. Everyone Is Paying Attention To
    All Fur Coat And No KnickersSuperficially Attractive, Physically Or Otherwise
    All Good Things Come To An EndThe Good Times Won’T Last Forever
    All Hands On DeckEveryone Must Help.
    All Hat And No CattlePretentious, Full Of Bluster
    All Hell Breaks LooseThe Situation Becomes Chaotic.
    All In A Day’S WorkThat’S What I’M Here For, Although I Have Accomplished Something, It Is Part Of What I’M Expected To Do
    All In Good TimeEventually, At A More Favorable Time In The Future. This Phrase Encourages One To Be Patient.
    All In One PieceSafely
    All It’S Cracked Up To BeAs Good As Claims Or Reputation Would Suggest
    All Mouth And No TrousersSuperficial, Engaging In Empty, Boastful Talk, But Not Of Real Substance
    All Over But The ShoutingCertain To End In A Specific Way
    All Over Hell’S Half AcreAll Over The Place, Everywhere.
    All Over The BoardEverywhere, In Many Different Locations
    All Over The MapEverywhere, In Many Different Locations
    All Over The PlaceEverywhere, In Many Different Locations
    All Rights ReservedSaid Of A Published Work, All Reproduction Rights Are Asserted By The Copyright Holder
    All Roads Lead To RomeThere Is More Than One Effective Way To Do Something, Many Different Methods Will Produce The Same Result
    All SetReady, Prepared, Finished
    All Sizzle And No SteakFailing To Live Up To Advance Promotion Or Reputation
    All Talk And No TrousersProne To Empty Boasts
    All That JazzSimilar Things, Similar Qualities, Et Cetera
    All The MarblesThe Entire Prize Or Reward
    All The RagePopular
    All The SameAnyway, Nevertheless, Nonetheless.
    All The Tea In ChinaGreat Wealth, A Large Payment
    All Things Being EqualIn The Event That All Aspects Of A Situation Remain The Same
    All Things ConsideredTaking All Factors Into Consideration
    All ThumbsClumsy
    All ToldWith Everything Taken Into Consideration
    All Very WellTrue To A Certain Extent
    All WetCompletely Mistaken
    Along The Lines OfIn General Accordance With, In The Same General Direction As
    Amateur HourA Display Of Incompetence
    Amber GamblerSomeone Who Accelerates To Try To Cross An Intersection Before A Traffic Light Turns Red
    Amber NectarBeer
    American DreamThe Belief Among Americans That Hard Work Leads To Material Success
    An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor AwayApples Are Good For You
    An Arm And A LegVery Expensive
    An AxeTo Grind A Grievance, A Disagreement With Someone That Justifies Confrontation.
    An Early BirdA Person Who Gets Up Early In The Morning, Or Who Starts Work Earlier Than Others.
    An Eye For An EyeJustice In Which Reparation Or Vengeance Exactly Matches The Harm Caused To The Victim
    An Offer One Can’T RefuseAn Extremely Attractive Offer
    An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of CureYou Can Prevent A Problem With Little Effort. Fixing It Later Is Harder.
    Ancient HistorySomething, Such As A Disagreement, That Happened Long Ago And Ought To Be Forgotten
    And All ThatEt Cetera, And So On.
    And ChangeAnd An Additional Amount Of Money That’S Less Than The Next Round Number
    And CountingAnd The Number Just Mentioned Is Increasing Or Decreasing
    And His MotherAn Intensifier For An Inclusive Noun Or Phrase Such As Everyone, Everybody
    And So ForthIndicates That A List Continues In A Similar Manner, Etc.
    And So OnIndicates That A List Continues In A Similar Manner, Etc.
    And The LikeAnd Other Similar Items, Etc.
    And Then SomeAnd Even More Than What Has Just Been Mentioned
    Angel’S AdvocateSomeone Who Takes A Positive Outlook On An Idea Or Proposal
    Angle ForAim Toward Something, Try To Obtain Something, Often Indirectly Or Secretly
    Another Nail In One’S CoffinSomething That Leads To Someone’S Death, Literally Or Figuratively.
    Answer BackRespond Impertinently, To Talk Back.
    Ants In Your PantsAnxious Or Nervous
    Any Port In A StormIf You’Re In Trouble, You’Ll Turn To Anything That Improves The Situation.
    Any Tom, Dick Or HarryAny Ordinary Person
    Apple Of My EyeAn Adored Person
    Apple Of One’S EyeA Favorite Person Or Thing, A Person Especially Valued By Someone
    Apple Of Someone’S EyeThe Person That Someone Loves Most Of All And Is Very Proud Of
    Apples And OrangesOf Two Different Classes, Not Comparable
    Apply Some Elbow GreasePut Some Physical Effort Into What You’Re Doing
    Arm CandyAn Attractive Woman Accompanying A Powerful Or Famous Man At A Social Event
    Armed To The TeethCarrying Many Weapons
    Around The ClockAt All Times
    As American As Apple PieVery Or Typically American
    As Easy As AbcSomething Is Very Easy
    As Far As I Can ThrowOnly Slightly
    As Fit As A FiddleTo Be Healthy And Physically Fit
    As Pale As A GhostExtremely Pale
    As Pale As DeathExtremely Pale
    As Poor As A Church MouseVery Poor
    As Red As A CherryVery Red
    As Right As RainPerfect
    As White As A SheetVery Fearful Or Anxious
    Ask OutAsk Someone On A Date
    Asleep At The WheelNot Paying Attention To One’S Work, Not Doing One’S Job Diligently.
    At Death’S DoorVery Near Death
    At Each Other’S ThroatsConstantly And Strongly Arguing
    At LoggerheadsIn A State Of Persistent Disagreement
    At Sixes And SevensSomeone Is In A State Of Confusion Or Not Very Well Organized.
    At The Drop Of A HatInstantly
    At The Eleventh HourWhen You Complete Something At The Very Last Minute Before It’S Too Late
    At The End Of One’S RopeRunning Out Of Endurance Or Patience
    At The End Of The DayIn The Final Analysis, When All Is Said And Done
    At Wit’S EndFrustrated Because All Measures To Deal With Something Have Failed

    Wrapping Up

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    Idioms are a fascinating aspect of any language, giving depth, richness, and a touch of cultural flavor to our expressions. Starting with the letter ‘A’, we see a vast array of idioms, each bringing its own unique perspective and story to the table. As with all idioms, context is key. Using them appropriately can make conversations more engaging, colorful, and insightful. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own vocabulary or understand native speakers better, keeping a list of popular idioms can be both fun and educational.

    Idioms That Start With

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