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4+ Idioms That Start With Z

    Idioms That Start With Z

    Zooming into the zenith of our alphabetical adventure, we find ourselves at the zestful and often zigzagging zone of “Z”. While this letter might be the zenith in our alphabetic line-up, it’s by no means a zone of scarcity when it comes to rich, zesty idiomatic expressions that zestfully zip through our conversations.

    From “zero in on” to “zig when one should zag”, the letter “Z” showcases a zoo of idioms, each with its own zest and zeal, portraying the zany quirks and wisdom of cultures across zones and eras. Crafted for zealots of linguistics, those with a zest for discovery, and everyone who cherishes the zigzags of language, this expose promises a thrilling zenith to our series. Zip through with us as we delve deep into “Z” idioms, zeroing in on their origins, meanings, and the zestful stories that make them zing in our everyday conversations.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter Z

    Zipping to the zenith of our alphabetic journey, we zero in on the zestful and zany letter ‘Z’. While ‘Z’ might appear to be in the zone of the lesser-used alphabets, it nonetheless zestfully zooms in with a zodiac of idiomatic expressions that are zippy and full of zeal. In this zenithal roundup, let’s zone in on the idiosyncrasies of ‘Z’ idioms and uncover the zest they bring to the English language.

    1. Zero in on
      • Meaning: To focus or concentrate one’s attention on something.
      • Example: “The detective zeroed in on the main suspect after collecting all the evidence.”
    2. Zig When You Should Zag
      • Meaning: To do the opposite of what one should do in a particular situation.
      • Example: “He had a tendency to zig when he should zag, leading to many missed opportunities.”
    3. Zero Hour
      • Meaning: The scheduled or planned time for the start of an operation or action, especially in military terminology.
      • Example: “At zero hour, the troops moved in for the attack.”
    4. Zip One’s Lips
      • Meaning: To stop talking or to keep something a secret.
      • Example: “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll zip your lips about the surprise party.”
    5. Zonked Out
      • Meaning: Extremely tired; exhausted to the point of not being able to think or act normally.
      • Example: “After the marathon, I was completely zonked out.”
    6. Zero Tolerance
      • Meaning: A policy of applying strict and uncompromising measures against undesirable behaviors or situations.
      • Example: “The school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying.”
    7. Zip Around
      • Meaning: To move quickly from one place to another.
      • Example: “She was zipping around the city trying to complete all her errands.”
    8. Zest for Life
      • Meaning: A strong feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life.
      • Example: “Even at 90 years old, she has an incredible zest for life.”
    9. Zoom Past
      • Meaning: To move past something or someone very quickly.
      • Example: “The sports car zoomed past us on the highway.”
    10. Zero-Sum Game
      • Meaning: A situation in which a gain for one side or aspect means an equal loss for another side or aspect.
      • Example: “Some consider business negotiations to be a zero-sum game, but I believe in win-win outcomes.”
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    List of idioms Starting with Z

    Zebras Don’T Change Their StripesDon’T Expect Anyone To Be Anything Other Than Who They Really Are
    Zero In OnFocus Closely On Something, Take Aim At Something
    Zig When One Should Be ZaggingTo Make An Error, To Choose An Incorrect Course
    Zip One’S LipBe Quiet

    In Synopsis

    Zigzagging through the ‘Z’ idioms, we’ve zoomed into a zodiac of zesty expressions that, while not in the zenith of everyday usage, pack a zingy punch of zest, zeal, and zaniness. They may not be the zenith of idiomatic usage, but they certainly zest up our conversations with a unique zing. For linguistic zealots looking to zestfully zip up their vocabularies, these ‘Z’ idioms are a zero-regret addition. Zealously embrace them, zoom into their nuances, and zest up your dialogues! Until the next zigzagging journey, keep the zest alive with the zippy ‘Z’!

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