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148+ Idioms That Start With S

    Idioms That Start With S

    Sprinkled through stories and sewn into the fabric of society, idioms serve as symbolic snapshots of shared experiences and sentiments. Sailing smoothly through the sprawling sea of the alphabet, we now set our sights on the superlative and sumptuous letter “S”, a stalwart symbol that supplies a staggering stockpile of idiomatic expressions.

    From “spill the beans” to “straight from the horse’s mouth”, the letter “S” showcases a spectrum of sayings, each steeped in its own story, signifying cultural sagas and societal snapshots. Sculpted for scholars, scribes, and those simply smitten by the sophistication of speech, this segment promises to satiate the curious soul. Sojourn with us as we scour the world of “S” idioms, spotlighting their origins, significance, and the splendid stories that have solidified their standing in our speech.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter S

    Sailing smoothly through the sea of English idioms, we stumble upon the substantial and stellar stash of expressions steered by the letter ‘S’. Symbolizing a spectrum of situations, sentiments, and sagas, ‘S’ serves up a smorgasbord of sayings that span from the serious to the sassy. In this stimulating study, let’s sift through the standout idioms springing from the spirited and sophisticated sphere of ‘S’.

    1. Spill the Beans
      • Meaning: To reveal a secret or disclose confidential information.
      • Example: “He accidentally spilled the beans about the surprise birthday party.”
    2. See Eye to Eye
      • Meaning: To agree with someone; to share a similar perspective or opinion.
      • Example: “We don’t always see eye to eye on politics, but we respect each other’s opinions.”
    3. Shoot the Breeze
      • Meaning: To chat or converse casually without any serious topic.
      • Example: “We sat on the porch, sipping iced tea and shooting the breeze.”
    4. Saved by the Bell
      • Meaning: Rescued from a difficult situation just in time.
      • Example: “I was about to fail my test, but I was saved by the bell when the fire alarm went off.”
    5. Strike While the Iron is Hot
      • Meaning: To act decisively and take an opportunity when it arises.
      • Example: “This is a rare business opportunity; we must strike while the iron is hot.”
    6. Sit on the Fence
      • Meaning: To remain neutral or undecided in a controversy.
      • Example: “It’s time for you to take a stand; you can’t sit on the fence forever.”
    7. Steal Someone’s Thunder
      • Meaning: To take the attention or praise away from someone else’s accomplishments or ideas.
      • Example: “She presented my idea as her own in the meeting, completely stealing my thunder.”
    8. Sink or Swim
      • Meaning: To fail or succeed by one’s own efforts.
      • Example: “Starting a new business is always a sink or swim situation.”
    9. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
      • Meaning: Directly from the original source; firsthand information.
      • Example: “I know it’s true because I got the news straight from the horse’s mouth.”
    10. Skating on Thin Ice
      • Meaning: Taking a risk; being in a potentially dangerous situation.
      • Example: “Questioning the manager’s decision in the meeting means you’re skating on thin ice.”
    11. Sell Like Hotcakes
      • Meaning: To sell very quickly or in large quantities.
      • Example: “Her new book is selling like hotcakes.”
    12. Sleep Like a Log
      • Meaning: To sleep deeply and soundly.
      • Example: “After the long journey, he slept like a log.”
    13. See the Light of Day
      • Meaning: To be brought into existence or to be revealed.
      • Example: “His novel was in his drawer for years before it saw the light of day.”
    14. Sour Grapes
      • Meaning: To pretend to despise what one cannot attain.
      • Example: “He said the award wasn’t important, but it was just sour grapes because he didn’t win.”
    15. Smell a Rat
      • Meaning: To suspect something is wrong or someone is being deceitful.
      • Example: “The deal was too good to be true; I smelled a rat.”
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    List of idioms Starting with S

    Sacred CowAn Indvidual Or Organization That One Cannot Criticize
    Safe BetSomething That Is Sure To Succeed
    Saunter Through LifeLive In A Relaxed Way
    Save Up For A Rainy DayPut Some Money Aside For Whenever It May Be Needed
    Saving For A Rainy DaySaving Money For Later
    Saving GraceSomething That Redeems A Bad Situation
    Scare The Living Daylights Out Of SomeoneFrighten Someone Severely
    School Of Hard KnocksDifficult Real-Life Experiences From Which One Has Learned
    Scorched Earth TacticsRuthless, Extremely Destructive
    Scrape The BarrelMaking The Most Of The Worst Situations Or Things Because You Can’T Do Anything About It
    Screw The PoochTo Make A Serious Error
    Second BananaA Person In A Subservient Position
    Second StringerA Substitute Player In A Sport, A Substitute For A Job Who Is Not The Most Talented Person
    Second To NoneThe Best
    Second WindRenewed Energy
    See Eye To EyeAgree
    See Something Out Of The Corner Of Your EyeUse Peripheral Vision
    Seed MoneyMoney That Is Used To Start A Small Business Or Other Activity
    Seize Take The Bull By The HornsAttack A Problem Directly
    Seize The DayTake An Opportunity
    Sell Someone A Bill Of GoodsTrick Someone, Be Deceptive
    Sell Like Hot CakesQuick Sellout
    Sell Like HotcakesBe Sold Very Quickly
    Selling PointAn Attractive Feature Of Something For Sale
    Separate The Wheat From The ChaffSeparate What Is Useful Or Valuable From What Is Worthless
    Set In StoneFixed, Unchangeable
    Set Out On A New CareerStart A New Career
    Set Something To MusicTo Write A Piece Of Music To Accompany A Set Of Words
    Set The Bar Too HighTo Set A High Standard For Something
    Set The Thames On FireDo Something Amazing. Usually Used In The Negative.
    Set The World On FireDo Something Amazing, Have A Brilliant Stretch In One’S Career
    Shake The Dust Off Your Shoes FeetMake A Clean Break With A Relationship Or Situation
    Shape Up Or Ship OutWork Better Or Leave
    Sharp As A TackMentally Agile
    ShatteredTo Break Something Into A Smaller Form Or Into Many Pieces
    She’S Hitting The BooksShe’S Studying Hard
    Shell GameA Method Of Deception In Which You Conceal Your Actions By Moving Something Frequently
    Shift GearsChange The Subject, Or Change What One Is Doing
    Shipshape And Bristol FashionTidy, Clean
    Shit A BrickBe Extremely Fearful.
    Shoot From The HipTalk Or Act Without Consideration
    Shoot Off One’S MouthTalk Without Considering One’S Words
    Shoot Oneself In The FootDo Something That Damages Oneself Or One’S Own Cause
    Shoot The BreezeMake Small Talk, Have A Casual Conversation
    Short FuseA Quick Temper, A Tendency To Anger Quickly
    Shot Across The BowA Warning Of More Serious Actions To Come
    Shoulder A Weight Off Your ShouldersYou No Longer Worry About Something Or Deal With Something Difficult
    Show Me An X And I’Ll Show You A YThere Is A Consequence To X That You May Not Have Thought Of.
    Show One’S True ColorsReveal One’S True Nature
    Show Your CardsReveal Your Resources Or Plans
    Sick And Tired OfExtremely Annoyed By Something That Occurs Repeatedly
    Sick As A DogExtremely Ill.
    Sick As A ParrotVery Disappointed
    Side Of The FenceRefers To Either Side Of Opposing Views Or Ideas
    Sight For Sore EyesA Sight That Makes You Happy
    Silver BulletSomething Simple That Resolves A Difficult Problem
    Simmer DownBecome Less Angry, Regain One’S Composure
    Sing A Different TuneChange Your Opinion
    Sink Or SwimFail Or Succeed
    Sit On SomethingDelay Revealing Or Acting On Something
    Sit TightWait And Do Not Go Anywhere
    Sitting DuckSomething Or Someone Easily Attacked Or Criticized
    Sitting On The FenceUndecided On A Decision, Avoid Making A Decision On Something
    Sitting PrettyIn A Favorable Situation
    Six Feet UnderDead And Buried
    Six Of One, A Half Dozen Of The OtherThe Two Choices Have No Significant Differences.
    Six Ways To From SundayIn Every Possible Way
    Skin In The GameHaving A Vested Interest In How Something Turns Out
    Slam DunkAn Effort That Is Certain To Succeed
    Slap On The WristA Minor Caution Against Doing Something Rather Than An Actual Punishment
    Sleep Like A BabyTo Experience A Very Deep And Restful Sleep, To Sleep Soundly
    Sleep With The FishesDead, Often By Murder
    Slip Someone A MickeyAdd A Drug To An Alcoholic Drink In Order To Knock Someone Out
    Slipped My MindI Forgot
    Slippery SlopeA Series Of Undesirable Effects That, One Warns, Could Result From A Certain Action
    Slow And Steady Wins The RaceReliability Is More Important Than Speed
    Slower Than MolassesExceptionally Slow Or Sluggish, Not Fast At All.
    Small BeerUnimportant, Insignificant
    Small FryPeople Or Organizations With Little Influence, Children
    Small PotatoesUnimportant, Insignificant
    Smell A RatSuspect Deception
    Smoking GunIndisputable Evidence Of A Crime
    SnafuA Malfunction, A Chaotic Situation
    Snail’S PaceTo Move Extremely Slow
    Snake OilA Useless Medicine, A Quack Remedy, A Product Or Measure Promoted As A Solution That Really Does Nothing To Help
    Sneak PeekA Sneak Peek Is An Opportunity To View Something In Advance Of Its Official Opening Or Debut
    Snowed UnderBusy
    So Far So GoodThings Are Going Well So Far
    Soak Up The SunTo Enjoy The Sun
    Sold On SomethingConvinced Of Something
    Some EggsAchieving A Major Goal Requires The Ability To Tolerate Some Problems
    Someone’S Fingerprints Are All Over SomethingSomeone’S Influence Is Evident
    Something To CrowAbout Something To Be Proud Of, An Accomplishment About Which One Is Justified In Bragging
    Son Of A GunA Rogue, An Exclamation Of Surprise.
    Sore PointA Sensitive Topic For A Particular Person
    Sour GrapesDisparagement Of Something That Has Proven Unattainable
    Spare The Rod And Spoil The ChildIt Is Necessary To Physically Punish Children In Order To Raise Them Right.
    Speak Of The DevilThe Person We Were Just Talking About Showed Up!
    Speak Of The Devil And He Shall AppearThe Person We Have Just Been Talking About Has Entered.
    Speak With A Plum In One’S MouthTo Speak In A Manner That Is Indicative Of A High Social Class.
    Speak Your MindSay What You Really Feel
    Spick And SpanClean And Neat
    Spill The BeansGive Away A Secret
    Spin A YarnTell A Story
    Spin One’S WheelsEngaging In Activity That Yields No Progress, Getting Nowhere
    Spit Into The WindWasting Time On Something Futile
    Spoiling For A FightCombative, Wanting Conflict, Eager To Argue Or Fight
    Square The CircleAttempt An Impossible Task
    Stab Someone In The BackTo Betray Somebody
    Stalking HorseSomeone Who Tests A Concept In Advance Of Its Application, A Candidate Who Enters A Political Race In Order To Test The Strength Of The Incumbent
    Stand Someone In Good SteadBe Useful In The Future
    Stand On One’S Own Two FeetTo Be Independent And Self-Sufficient
    Stand One’S GroundRefuse To Back Down, Insist On One’S Position
    Start With A Clean SlateTo Start Something Again With A Fresh Beginning, To Work On A Problem Without Thinking About What Has Been Done Before
    Steal One’S ThunderTo Take Credit For Someone Else’S Work Or Achievements
    Steal Someone’S ThunderUpstage Someone
    Stem The TideTo Stop Or Control The Growth Of Something, Usually Something Unpleasant.
    Step Up One’S GameWork To Advance To A Higher Level Of A Competition
    Step Up To The PlatePrepare To Take Action, Be The Person In A Group Who Takes Action
    Stick It To The ManDo Something That Frustrates Those In Authority
    Stick To Something Like White On RiceTo Cling Tightly With No Possibility Of Letting Go
    Stick Your Neck OutTo Take A Chance On Another Person In A Way That Could Impact Your Reputation
    Stick Your Nose Into SomethingIntrude Into Something That Is Not Your Affair
    Sticker ShockSurprise At The High Price Of Something
    Stick-In-The-MudA Person Who Dislikes Or Adapts Slowly To New Ideas
    Sticky WicketA Difficult, Tricky Situation
    Stiff-NeckedStubborn, Excessively Formal
    Stir A Hornet’S NestTo Cause A Lot Of Trouble
    Storm In A TeacupA Commotion That Dies Down Quickly, About Something Unimportant
    Stormy RelationshipRelationship That Has A Lot Arguments And Disagreement
    Straight ArrowAn Honest, Trustworthy Person
    Straight From The Horse’S MouthGot Information Directly From The Most Knowledgeable Source
    Strain At A Gnat And Swallow A CamelTo Make A Fuss Over Something Unimportant While Ignoring Larger Issues
    Strike A ChordUsed To Describe Something That Is Familiar To You, Reminds You Of Something Or Is Connected To You Somehow.
    Stumbling BlockAn Obstacle, Physical Or Abstract
    Sugar DaddyA Rich Man Who Is Generous With Younger Women In Return For Sexual Favors
    Sure-FireCertain To Occur
    Swan SongA Final Appearance
    Sweep Under The CarpetAttempt To Temporarily Conceal A Problem Or Error
    Sweep Under The RugAttempt To Temporarily Conceal A Problem Or Error
    Sweet DreamsSleep Well!
    Sweeten The DealAdd Something To An Offer During A Negotiation
    Sweeten The PotIncrease The Amount Of Winnings Potentially Available In A Game Of Chance, Especially Poker
    Swim Against The TideDo Something Contrary To A Trend Or Usual Opinion
    Swim With SharksTo Take A Major Risk
    Swim With The FishesHave Been Killed, Especially With Involvement Of Organized Crime
    Swing For The FencesAttempt To Achieve The Largest Accomplishment Possible
    Sword Of DamoclesSomething That Causes A Feeling Of Constant Threat.

    In Synopsis

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    Surveying the scenic spread of ‘S’ idioms, we are serenaded by a symphony of sayings steeped in stories, scenarios, and societal observations. These symbolic snippets sculpt our speech, adding seasoning and subtlety to our sentences. For scholars and speakers striving to scale the summits of English expression, embracing ‘S’ idioms is not just strategic, but also sublime. Strengthen your storytelling, sharpen your speech, and showcase sophistication with these sensational ‘S’ idioms. Ready to set sail on the sea of ‘S’? Happy exploring!

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