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24+ Idioms That Start With E

    Idioms That Start With E

    Embarking on an exploration of language’s enchanting alleys, idioms emerge as evocative expressions, encapsulating rich histories, cultural essences, and emotional depths in just a few words. Elevating our journey to the fifth letter of the alphabet, this article endeavors to unearth idioms enriched by the ever-eloquent letter “E”.

    From “every cloud has a silver lining” to “egg on one’s face”, the letter “E” entices with a myriad of expressions, each exuding its own unique ethos and essence in the English language tapestry. Especially curated for enthusiasts of etymology, linguists, and every eager learner, this expedition offers an enlightening experience, elucidating the evolution, essence, and eclectic origins of these idiomatic gems. Engage with us as we embark on this exploration of “E” idioms, appreciating their enduring elegance and the exquisite narratives they echo in our everyday exchanges.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter E

    English idioms, with their evocative imagery and embedded wisdom, provide an enriching layer to the tapestry of the language. The letter ‘E’ serves as the entrance to a plethora of enlightening and entertaining idiomatic expressions. In this expansive article, we will embark on an exploration of idioms that emanate from the letter ‘E’.

    1. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
      • Meaning: Even difficult or bad situations have some positive aspect.
      • Example: “Though he lost his job, he found his passion for writing during his unemployment. Every cloud has a silver lining.”
    2. Easier Said Than Done
      • Meaning: Something seems like a good idea, but it would be difficult to do.
      • Example: “Establishing a new business in this economy is easier said than done.”
    3. Early Bird Catches the Worm
      • Meaning: Someone who wakes up early or acts quickly has an advantage.
      • Example: “She always wakes up at 5 AM to start work, truly believing the early bird catches the worm.”
    4. Eat Your Heart Out
      • Meaning: A phrase used to indicate jealousy or longing, often used humorously.
      • Example: “I just won a trip to Hawaii! Eat your heart out!”
    5. Elbow Grease
      • Meaning: Hard physical work, especially scrubbing.
      • Example: “This old table will look new with a little elbow grease.”
    6. Even the Score
      • Meaning: To retaliate or get revenge; to make things equal.
      • Example: “He wanted to even the score after his brother played a prank on him.”
    7. Egg on Your Face
      • Meaning: To be embarrassed or feel foolish.
      • Example: “After making such a bold claim and being proven wrong, he had egg on his face.”
    8. Everything But the Kitchen Sink
      • Meaning: Almost everything one can think of.
      • Example: “She packed everything but the kitchen sink for her weekend trip.”
    9. Eye Candy
      • Meaning: Something or someone visually attractive or pleasing to look at.
      • Example: “The graphics in that video game are pure eye candy.”
    10. Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach
      • Meaning: Taking more food than one can eat.
      • Example: “You took three servings and barely ate half! You’ve got eyes bigger than your stomach.”
    11. Eat Someone Alive
      • Meaning: To scold, reprimand, or criticize someone severely.
      • Example: “The coach will eat you alive if you’re late again.”
    12. End of the Rope (or End of One’s Tether)
      • Meaning: The limit of one’s patience or abilities.
      • Example: “With all these delays and problems, I’m at the end of my rope.”
    13. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry
      • Meaning: Ordinary or common people; everyone.
      • Example: “I don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry knowing about my personal life.”
    14. Easy Come, Easy Go
      • Meaning: Things acquired easily are also lost easily.
      • Example: “I won $50 in the lottery and spent it all in one day. Easy come, easy go.”
    15. Ears Are Burning
      • Meaning: A feeling or belief that one is being talked about by others.
      • Example: “Were you guys talking about me? My ears were burning!”
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    List of idioms Starting with E

    Eager BeaverA Person Who Is Enthusiastic And Wanting To Do Something Very Much
    Eagle-EyedHaving Sharp Vision
    Early BirdSomeone Who Does Something Prior To The Usual Time, Or Someone Who Gets Up Early.
    EarwormThinking About A Song Or Lyrics From A Song Over And Over
    Easy Does ItSlow Down
    Eat CrowTo Admit One Was Wrong, And Accept Humiliation
    Eat Humble PieTo Admit Defeat Or Error, To Accept Humiliation
    Eat Like A HorseEating Too Excessively
    Eat Someone’S LunchDefeat Someone Thoroughly
    Eat Your Heart OutGo Ahead, Be Jealous.
    Eighty-Six V.Discard, Eliminate, Throw Someone Out Of A Bar Or Store.
    Elephant In The RoomA Major Problem That No One Is Talking About
    Elevator MusicPleasant But Boring Recorded Music That Is Played In Public Places.
    Elevator PitchA Brief Presentation Of An Idea, One Short Enough To Be Delivered In An Elevator
    Eleventh HourThe Last Minute
    EmergeSomething That Is Brought To Attention
    EnlightenmentTo Understand Something Completely
    Even StevenOwing Nothing, Tied In A Game
    Every Cloud Has A Silver LiningGood Things Come After Bad Things
    Every Dog Has His ItsDay Everyone Has A Moment Of Fame, Power, Or Influence
    Every Dog Has His DayEveryone Gets A Chance At Least Once
    Every Man And His DogMany People
    Every Man For HimselfPursue Your Own Interests, Don’T Expect Help From Others.
    Excused BootsAllowed To Avoid Mandatory Tasks

    In Essence

    Embracing the ‘E’ idioms offers us an escape into the engaging and eloquent world of English expressions. These idioms, while enriching our conversations, also provide a glimpse into the cultural nuances and historical contexts from which they emerged. Whether you’re an English enthusiast, a curious learner, or simply someone looking to expand their idiomatic knowledge, the ‘E’ idioms serve as a treasure trove of linguistic gems. Elevate your conversations and enjoy the essence of the English language with the enticing and ever-evolving ‘E’ idioms!

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