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104+ Idioms That Start With C

    Idioms That Start With C

    Coursing through the rich tapestry of language, idioms charm us with their clever turns of phrase and cultural resonances. Casting a spotlight on the third letter of the alphabet, this article chronicles idioms that commence with the captivating letter “C”.

    From “crying over spilled milk” to “casting the first stone”, the letter “C” crafts a cavalcade of expressions, each adding character and color to the English language’s vast canvas. Catering to curious minds, linguists, and anyone craving a deeper comprehension of conversational nuances, this article promises a cascade of insights, exploring the crux and chronicles behind these cherished idioms. So, come along as we chart a course through the curious, comedic, and sometimes cryptic world of “C” idioms, uncovering their origins and celebrating the charm they contribute to our daily discourse.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter C

    The English language, renowned for its richness and dynamism, thrives on its idiomatic expressions. Idioms are the sparklers of conversation, lending depth, cultural context, and color to otherwise straightforward communication. Venturing further into the alphabetic terrain of idioms, we come across the letter ‘C’, which contributes a captivating collection of common idiomatic expressions. In this expansive article, we’ll delve deep into idioms that commence with the letter ‘C’.

    1. Cast in Stone
      • Meaning: Something that cannot be changed; fixed or permanent.
      • Example: “The schedule isn’t cast in stone, so we can adjust if necessary.”
    2. Cold Feet
      • Meaning: To suddenly become too frightened to do something you had planned to do, especially something important.
      • Example: “He was all set to propose, but he got cold feet at the last minute.”
    3. Cost an Arm and a Leg
      • Meaning: Extremely expensive.
      • Example: “That designer dress must have cost her an arm and a leg.”
    4. Cry Over Spilt Milk
      • Meaning: To express regret about something that has already happened or cannot be changed.
      • Example: “There’s no use crying over spilt milk. Let’s think of a solution.”
    5. Curiosity Killed the Cat
      • Meaning: Being inquisitive can lead you into a dangerous situation.
      • Example: “I know you want to know the gossip, but remember, curiosity killed the cat.”
    6. Cut to the Chase
      • Meaning: To get to the point or come to the main topic without any delay.
      • Example: “I’m short on time, so let’s cut to the chase. What’s your offer?”
    7. Cut Corners
      • Meaning: To take shortcuts or the easiest way out, often at the expense of the quality or ethics.
      • Example: “If you cut corners during the construction, you’ll regret it later.”
    8. Can’t Hold a Candle To
      • Meaning: Cannot compare to someone or something; to be inferior.
      • Example: “The sequel can’t hold a candle to the original movie.”
    9. Carry the Torch
      • Meaning: To keep an idea or feeling alive; to feel passion for someone.
      • Example: “He’s been carrying the torch for her for years, even though she moved on.”
    10. Close But No Cigar
      • Meaning: Coming close to a successful outcome only to fall short.
      • Example: “Your guess was close, but no cigar.”
    11. Cross That Bridge When You Come to It
      • Meaning: To deal with a problem when it arises and not to worry about it ahead of time.
      • Example: “We don’t know if we’ll face any issues. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”
    12. Cool as a Cucumber
      • Meaning: Extremely calm, even in stressful situations.
      • Example: “Even in high-pressure situations, she remains as cool as a cucumber.”
    13. Caught Between Two Stools
      • Meaning: When someone finds it difficult to choose between two alternatives.
      • Example: “She was caught between two stools, unable to decide between the two job offers.”
    14. Couch Potato
      • Meaning: A person who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV or playing video games.
      • Example: “Don’t be such a couch potato. Let’s go for a walk.”
    15. Cup of Joe
      • Meaning: A cup of coffee.
      • Example: “I need my morning cup of joe before I can function.”
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    List of idioms Starting with C

    Call A Spade A SpadeTo Speak Frankly And Directly About A Problem
    Call It A DayStop Working On Something
    Call It A NightEnd An Evening’S Activities And Go Home
    Call The ShotsMake The Important Decisions In An Organization
    Call The TuneMaking Important Decisions And Controlling A Situation.
    Calm Before The StormSomething Bad Is Coming, But Right Now It’S Calm
    Can’T See The Forest For The TreesIs Unable To Maintain A Wider Perspective
    Can’T Swing A Dead Cat In PlaceWithout Hitting A Thing There Are Many Examples Of [Thing] In This [Place].
    Career PathThe Sequence Of Jobs Someone Takes That Create Their Career
    Carrot-And-StickA Tactic In Which Rewards Are Offered, But There Is Also The Threat Of Punishment
    Carry A TorchTo Continue To Be In Love With Someone Even After A Relationship Has Ended
    Carry Coals To NewcastleSupply Something That Is Unneeded, Engage In Useless Labor
    Carry The CanTo Take The Blame For Something One Did Not Do
    Cash In One’S ChipsTo Take Advantage Of A Quick Profit
    Cash-StrappedIn Need Of Money
    Cast The First StoneTo Be The First To Criticize Or Attack Someone
    Castle In The AirAn Impractical Plan
    Cat FightA Fight Between Two Women
    Cat Got Your TongueDon’T You Have Anything To Say?
    Cat On A Hot Tin RoofBe Extremely Nervous
    Cat’S PawA Person Being Used By Someone Else, A Tool
    Cat-And-MouseIn A Toying Way, Playful In An Unpleasant Way
    Catch One’S Death Of ColdTo Become Very Ill With A Cold/Flu Etc.
    Catch Some RaysTo Sit Or Lie Outside In The Sun
    Catch Someone’S EyeAttract Someone’S Attention
    Catch-22A Difficult Situation From Which There Is No Escape Because Options For Avoiding It Involve Contradictions
    Caught Red-HandedApprehended While Committing A Crime
    Champagne Taste On A Beer BudgetExpensive Or Extravagant Tastes Or Preferences That Are Beyond One’S Economic Means.
    Change Horses In MidstreamChange Plans Or Leaders In The Middle Of A Process
    Change Of HeartA Change In One’S Opinion Or Outlook
    Change One’S TuneTo Alter One’S Opinion About Something.
    Changing Of The GuardA Change In Leadership At An Organization
    Chase RainbowsTo Pursue Unrealistic Goals
    Cheap ShotAn Unfair Attack, A Statement That Unfairly Attacks Someone’S Weakness
    Cherry-PickTo Present Evidence Selectively To One’S Own Advantage
    Chew The FatChat For A Considerable Length Of Time
    Chickens Come Home To RoostThe Negative Consequences Of Previous Actions Reveal Themselves
    Child’S PlayA Very Easy Task
    Chill OutDo Something That Helps Them To Calm Down And Relax For A While.
    Chin MusicMeaningless Talk
    Chin Up/ Keep Your Chin UpCheer Up, Try To Be Cheerful And Strong
    Chip Off The Old BlockSomeone Who Resembles A Direct Ancestor, Usually The Father
    Chomp Champ At The BitBe Eager To Do Something
    Chomp At The BitTo Be Eager To Do Something
    Chop ChopQuickly, Without Delay
    Chop ShopA Shop Where Stolen Cars Are Disassembled For Parts
    Chuck A WobblyTo Act In An Emotional Way
    Circle The WagonsTo Prepare As A Group To Defend Against Attack, Adopt A Defensive Posture
    Claim To FameUnusual Feature Or Offering
    Clean Up NicelyLook Good When One Is Dressed Up. Usually Said Of Women
    Clear The AirDefuse Tension, Be Honest About Conflict So As To Reduce It
    Clip Someone’S WingsReduce Someone’S Privileges Or Freedom
    Close, But No CigarYou Are Very Close But Not Quite Correct.
    Cock And Bull StoryA Far-Fetched Story, Probably Untrue
    Cock-A-HoopElated, Excited
    Cold CallersPeople Who Call Phones, Usually For Sales, Who Don’T Have Previous Contact With The Person They’Re Calling
    Cold Day In HellA Condition For Something That Would Be Extremely Unlikely To Occur
    Come By Something HonestlyAcquire Something Honestly, Or Inherit It
    Come CleanTo Confess, To Admit To Wrongdoing
    Come Hell Or High WaterNo Matter What Happens
    Come Out In The WashTo Be Resolved With No Lasting Negative Effect
    Come Out Of The ClosetReveal A Secret About Oneself, Usually That One Is Gay Homosexual
    Come Out SwingingRespond To Something Very Aggressively
    Come Rain And ShineDo Regularly, Whatever The Circumstances
    Come Rain Or ShineNo Matter What
    Come To Grips WithTo Acknowledge A Problem As A Prelude To Dealing With It
    Come To LightTo Be Revealed
    Come To Terms With SomethingFeel Acceptance Toward Something Bad That Has Happened
    Coming Down The PikeLikely To Occur In The Near Future
    Comparing Apples To OrangesComparing Two Things That Cannot Be Compared
    Completely GroundlessNot Based On Any Good Reason
    Constructive CriticismCriticism That Is Useful Because They Can Help Improve Something
    Cook Someone’S GooseTo Insure Someone’S Defeat, To Frustrate Someone’S Plans
    Cook Up A StormCook A Great Deal Of Food
    Cooking Up A StormCooking A Great Deal Of Food
    Cool As A CucumberCalm And Composed Even In Difficult Or Frustrating Situations, Self-Possessed
    Cool CatSomeone Who Has The Respect Of Their Peers In A Young, Casual Way.
    Cool Your HeelsWait
    Costs An Arm And A LegVery Expensive
    Couch PotatoA Lazy Person Who Watches A Great Deal Of Television
    Crack A BookOpen Up A Book And Study
    Crash A PartyTo Attend A Party Without Being Invited
    Cross To BearA Problem One Must Deal With Over A Long Time, A Heavy Burden
    Cross Your FingersFor Good Luck
    Crunch The NumbersDo Calculations Before Making A Decision Or Prediction
    Crunch TimeA Period Of High Pressure When One Has To Work Hard To Finish Something
    Cry Crocodile TearsTo Pretend To Be Upset
    Cry WolfTo Issue A False Alarm, To Ask For Help When None Is Needed
    Cry Your Eyes OutCry Hard For A Very Long Time
    Crystal ClearPerfectly Easy To Understand
    Curiosity Killed The CatAsking Too Many Questions May Get You In Trouble
    Cut Someone To The QuickTo Deeply Hurt Someone Emotionally
    Cut CornersDoing Something In An Easier And Least Expensive Manner
    Cut It FineTo Do Something At The Last Moment
    Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your FaceTo Act In A Proud Way That Ultimately Damages Your Own Cause
    Cut Somebody Some SlackDon’T Be So Critical
    Cut Someone Some SlackAvoid Treating Someone Strictly Or Severely
    Cut The Gordian KnotTo Solve A Complex Problem In A Simple Way
    Cut The MustardDo A Good Job
    Cut To The ChaseGet To The Point, Explain The Most Important Part Of Something Quickly, Skip The Preliminaries
    Cut Your Teeth On SomethingTo Learn Basic Skills In A Field
    Cutting CornersDoing Something Poorly In Order To Save Time Or Money
    Cutting-EdgeVery Novel, Innovative

    In Summary

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    Embarking on the linguistic journey through idioms starting with the letter ‘C’ showcases the charm and creativity of the English language. These idiomatic expressions not only add zest to our daily conversations but also provide insights into the cultural and historical backgrounds from which they emerged. Whether you’re an avid language learner or just a casual conversationalist, embracing and integrating these ‘C’ idioms into your vocabulary can elevate your language game, offering a more nuanced and native-like flair. Dive in, explore, and enjoy the world of ‘C’ idioms!

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