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106+ Idioms That Start With H

    Idioms That Start With H

    Harnessing the heart of language, idioms hint at histories, habits, and human experiences, often hiding profound meanings in humor and hyperbole. Honoring our next alphabetical halt, this article hones in on idioms that humbly hail from the harmonious and hallowed letter “H”.

    From “hit the nail on the head” to “hold your horses”, the letter “H” hosts a horde of hearty expressions, each having its own heritage and hue in the intricate tapestry of English. Whether you’re a hopeful historian, a heady linguist, or simply harbor a hunger for the harmonies of language, this article will hold your hand, leading you through the hills and hollows of “H” idioms. So, hang onto your hat and hop on board as we hightail through the hypnotic and sometimes humorous world of idioms, highlighting the history and human touch behind each one.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter H

    Hopping heartily into the haven of English idioms, we hit upon a hoard of expressions that hail from the humble letter ‘H’. These idiomatic hallmarks highlight the heritage, humor, and heft of the language, offering a harmonious blend of history and hyperbole. In this hefty exposition, let’s hone in on the illustrious idioms rooted in the letter ‘H’.

    1. Hit the Nail on the Head
      • Meaning: To describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.
      • Example: “When Robert suggested that we lacked clear communication, he hit the nail on the head.”
    2. Hold Your Horses
      • Meaning: A request for someone to wait or slow down.
      • Example: “Hold your horses! We can’t make a decision without all the information.”
    3. Hear it on the Grapevine
      • Meaning: To hear rumors about something.
      • Example: “I heard on the grapevine that they’re planning to restructure the department.”
    4. Head Over Heels
      • Meaning: Deeply in love or very excited about something.
      • Example: “She fell head over heels for the new intern in her team.”
    5. Hard as Nails
      • Meaning: Referring to someone who is very tough or resilient.
      • Example: “My grandfather is as hard as nails; he once ran a marathon with a sprained ankle.”
    6. Hit the Books
      • Meaning: To study, especially with particular intensity.
      • Example: “I need to hit the books tonight to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.”
    7. Have a Bone to Pick
      • Meaning: Wanting to talk to someone about something they have done that annoyed you.
      • Example: “I have a bone to pick with you – why did you take my charger without asking?”
    8. Hang in the Balance
      • Meaning: To be in an uncertain position.
      • Example: “With the votes almost equally split, the decision hangs in the balance.”
    9. Hot Under the Collar
      • Meaning: Being angry or agitated.
      • Example: “He gets hot under the collar whenever someone mentions the project’s failure.”
    10. Have a Change of Heart
      • Meaning: To change one’s opinion or feelings about something.
      • Example: “She initially declined the job offer but had a change of heart the next day.”
    11. Hand in Glove
      • Meaning: In a close relationship or partnership.
      • Example: “The two companies have been working hand in glove to produce the next big tech product.”
    12. Hold the Fort
      • Meaning: To take responsibility for something while someone else is absent.
      • Example: “I have to step out for a meeting, can you hold the fort for a couple of hours?”
    13. Hear Through the Grapevine
      • Meaning: To hear news from someone who heard that news from someone else.
      • Example: “I heard through the grapevine that she’s planning to resign.”
    14. High and Dry
      • Meaning: In a position of difficulty, without resources or help.
      • Example: “After the sudden budget cuts, the project was left high and dry.”
    15. Hitting the Hay
      • Meaning: Going to bed or going to sleep.
      • Example: “It’s been a long day; I’m hitting the hay.”
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    List of idioms Starting with H

    Hail Mary N. OrA Desperate, Last-Ditch Attempt
    Hair Of The Dog That Bit YouA Small Amount Of The Alcoholic Beverage That Caused Your Hangover
    Hands Are TiedYou Are Prevented From Doing Something. It Is Not Within Your Power
    Hands DownUndoubtedly
    Hang In ThereDon’T Give Up
    Hang It UpTo Retire, To End An Activity One Has Pursued For A Long Time
    Hang ToughMaintain One’S Resolve
    Hanging By A ThreadIn Great Danger Of Elimination Or Failure
    Happy-Go-LuckyIf You Are A Happy-Go-Lucky Person, You Are Cheerful And Carefree All The Time.
    Hard Nut To CrackA Difficult Problem Or A Difficult Person
    Hard To SwallowDifficult To Believe
    Has The Cat Got Your Tongue?Why Are You Not Saying Anything?
    Haste Makes WasteYou’Ll Make Mistakes If You Rush Through Something
    Hat TrickScoring Three Goals In Hockey Or Soccer Football, Or Accomplishing Three Of Anything.
    Hatchet JobA Strong Attack On Someone’S Reputation, Intentionally Destructive Criticism, Calumny
    Haul Over The CoalsTo Scold Someone Severely
    Have One’S Head In The CloudsNot Know What Is Happening Around You Or Out Of Touch With Reality
    Have A BallTo Have A Very Enjoyable Time
    Have A Bone To Pick With SomeoneTo Want To Discuss Something Someone Has Done That Has Angered Or Annoyed You.
    Have A Change Of HeartChanged Your Mind
    Have A Chip On One’S ShoulderTo Harbor Resentment, To Have An Angry Attitude
    Have A Dog In The Hunt Fight, RaceTo Support A Certain Person In A Competition
    Have A Lead FootA Tendency To Drive Very Fast
    Have A Lot On One’S PlateBe Busy, Be In The Middle Of Many Ongoing Tasks
    Have A Lot Riding On SomethingBe Depending On The Successful Outcome Or Development Of Something
    Have A Nose For SomethingTo Have Natural Ability At Something, A Talent For Finding Something
    Have A Screw LooseBe Slightly Unbalanced Or Crazy
    Have A Tough Row To HoeBe Faced With A Task That Is Difficult Because Of Unfavorable Conditions
    Have A Whale Of A TimeTo Enjoy Yourself Very Much
    Have An Ace Up One’S SleeveTo Have A Hidden Advantage
    Have Bigger Fish To FryHave More Important Things To Do
    Have Egg On Your FaceThey Are Made To Look Foolish Or Embarrassed
    Have Foot-In-Mouth DiseaseTo Embarrass Oneself Through A Silly Mistake
    Have Hand Of Aces/Hold All The AcesTo Be In A Very Strong Position In A Competition
    Have It Out With SomeoneTo Have An Argument With Someone In Order To Settle A Dispute
    Have Mixed FeelingsBe Unsure Of How You Feel
    Have One Foot In The GraveTo Be Near Death Usually Because Of Old Age Or Illness
    Have One Over The EightA Person Is Slightly Drunk.
    Have One Too ManyDrink Too Much Alcohol
    Have One’S Cake And Eat It, TooTo Want Two Incompatible Things Usually Used In The Negative
    Have Second ThoughtsHave Doubts
    Have Skin In The GameBe Risking Something In An Undertaking
    Have Something In The BagBe Certain To Win
    Have The Hots For SomebodyTo Be Sexually Attracted To Somebody
    Have The Time Of Your LifeIf You Have The Time Of Our Life, You Enjoy Yourself Very Much.
    Have Your Head In The CloudsNot Be Concentrating
    Have Your Nose In The AirHave A Snobbish Or Disdainful Attitude
    Have Your SayExpress Your Opinion On Something
    Have Your Thumb Up Your AssHave Nothing To Do
    He Has Bigger Fish To FryHe Has Bigger Things To Take Care Of Than What We Are Talking About Now
    He Who Laughs Last Laughs BestBeing Victorious Is Often A Matter Of Simply Surviving A Conflict
    He Who Laughs Last Laughs LoudestI’Ll Get You Back For What You Did
    He Would Put Legs Under A ChickenHe Will Talk Your Head Off, He Is Very Talkative
    He’S A Really Bright SparkHe’S An Intelligent Person
    He’S Kicked The BucketHe’S Died
    He’S On The Straight And NarrowHe’S Living In A Morally Proper Way
    Head Go SouthDecline, Get Worse
    Head And ShouldersAbove Far Superior To
    Head And Shoulders AboveFar Superior To
    Head StartAn Advantage Over Everyone Else
    Heads UpGet Ready! Be Prepared
    Heads Up!Be Careful!
    Heads Will Roll Are Going To RollPeople Will Be Fired
    Hear Something Through The GrapevineTo Learn Something Via Gossip
    Hear Something Straight From The Horse’S MouthHear Something From The Person Involved
    Heart And SoulWith All One’S Energy Or Affection
    Heavens OpenStart To Rain Heavily
    Heavy HitterA Powerful, Influential Person
    Helicopter ParentingOverattentive Child-Raising
    Hell For LeatherVery Fast, As Fast As Possible
    He’S A Chip Off The Old BlockThe Son Is Like The Father
    He’S Not Playing With A Full DeckHe’S Dumb
    He’S Off His RockerHe’S Crazy
    He’S Sitting On The FenceHe Can’T Make Up His Mind
    High As A KiteStrongly Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Intoxcants
    Hightail It Out Of ThereFlee
    Highways And BywaysYou Take Large And Small Roads To Visit Every Part Of The Country.
    Hit A WallSuddenly Stop Making Forward Progress
    Hit Below The BeltTo Capitalize On An Opponent’S Vulnerabilities In An Unfair Way
    Hit It Out Of The ParkSucceed Brilliantly
    Hit The BooksTo Study Generally Said Of Students
    Hit The Ground RunningTo Begin A Job Or Project With No Learning Or Training Period Needed
    Hit The HayTo Go To Bed
    Hit The JackpotDo Something That Brings Great Success
    Hit The MarkTo Find The Perfect Or Ideal Solution, To Be In Exactly The Right Place
    Hit The Nail On The HeadGet Something Exactly Right
    Hit The RoadTo Leave
    Hit The RoofExplode In Rage, Become Extremely Angry
    Hit The SackGo To Sleep
    Hit The SpotBe Very Satisfying Said Of Something Eaten
    Hive MindThe Knowledge Of Humans As A Group
    Hobson’S ChoiceA Choice Among Bad Options
    Hold One’S LiquorBe Able To Drink A Large Amount Without Being Affected
    Hold One’S PeaceBe Silent
    Hold The LineTo Stay On The Telephone To Wait For The Party You Are Calling To Become Available
    Hold The PhoneWait A Moment Whether You’Re On The Phone Or Not
    Hold Your HorsesSlow Down, Stop And Think About What You’Re Doing
    Hold Your Horses GenerallyStop, Restrain Yourself, Don’T Be So Excited
    Home Away From HomeA Habitual Hangout, A Place One Frequents Often And Where One Feels Welcome
    Home TruthsHonest, Often Painful Criticism
    Honor SystemA System Of Payments That Relies On The Honesty Of Those Paying
    Horse Of A Different ColorSomething That Is Quite Different, A Separate Issue
    Hot DogA Person Doing Athletic Stunts That Are Dangerous
    Hot MessSomething Or Someone In A State Of Extreme Disorder
    Hot On The Heels OfIn Close Pursuit
    Hot PotatoA Controversial Subject Or Difficult Project That Is Best Avoided

    In Retrospect

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    Harnessing the heritage of ‘H’ idioms, we are handed a host of expressions that harmonize humor, history, and human experiences. These idioms, from heartfelt to humorous, heighten our conversational horizons and help us connect on a deeper level. For anyone hoping to hone their linguistic prowess, grappling with ‘H’ idioms is a must. So, hesitate no more! Hop onto the bandwagon and let these ‘H’ idioms hydrate your conversations with humor and heft. Happy learning!

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