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31+ Idioms That Start With K

    Idioms That Start With K

    Kicking off with keen enthusiasm, idioms knit together kernels of wisdom and knowledge, kindling curiosity and offering kaleidoscopic perspectives on age-old sayings. Keeping our course through the alphabet, we now key into the kinetic and kind-hearted letter “K”, which is keen to kindle a rich trove of expressions.

    From “keep a stiff upper lip” to “kick the bucket”, the letter “K” keeps a kingdom of captivating idiomatic expressions, each known for its unique kinship with culture and context in the English language’s kaleidoscope. Crafted for keen scholars, knowledge seekers, or those with a knack for nuanced narratives, this chapter promises to keep readers keyed up with its kaleidoscope of idiomatic gems. So, keep your eyes peeled and kindle your passion for language as we take a kinetic journey, knifing through the many layers and kinks of “K” idioms, showcasing their kaleidoscopic beauty and significance.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter K

    Kicking off our kaleidoscopic exploration of English idioms, we find ourselves knee-deep in the kingdom of ‘K’. While it may not be the kingpin of letters when it comes to idiomatic expressions, ‘K’ nevertheless offers a kit of keen and knowledgeable phrases, kitted out with history and humor. In this compilation, let’s kindle our understanding of the knockout idioms knit with the letter ‘K’.

    1. Keep Someone at Arm’s Length
      • Meaning: To maintain a distance from someone to prevent familiarity or intimacy.
      • Example: “Ever since their disagreement, she’s been keeping him at arm’s length.”
    2. Kill Two Birds with One Stone
      • Meaning: To achieve two objectives with a single action.
      • Example: “By taking the bus, I save money and get some reading done – killing two birds with one stone.”
    3. Keep Your Nose Clean
      • Meaning: To behave properly and stay out of trouble.
      • Example: “You’ve already been in trouble once, so keep your nose clean this time.”
    4. Knee-High to a Grasshopper
      • Meaning: Very young; a long time ago when someone was a child.
      • Example: “I’ve known him since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.”
    5. Kick the Bucket
      • Meaning: A colloquial term for dying or death.
      • Example: “Old Mr. Johnson finally kicked the bucket at 95.”
    6. Keep One’s Fingers Crossed
      • Meaning: To hope for good luck or success in a particular endeavor.
      • Example: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my exam results tomorrow.”
    7. Keep the Ball Rolling
      • Meaning: To keep something going and ensure that it does not stop.
      • Example: “Now that we’ve started the project, let’s keep the ball rolling.”
    8. Know the Ropes
      • Meaning: To be knowledgeable about the details of an operation or task.
      • Example: “She’s been in this industry for years; she knows the ropes.”
    9. Kick the Habit
      • Meaning: To quit or give up a bad habit.
      • Example: “He used to smoke a pack a day, but he kicked the habit last year.”
    10. Keep Your Shirt On
      • Meaning: To remain calm and patient.
      • Example: “I know you’re eager to hear the news, but keep your shirt on.”
    11. Kiss of Death
      • Meaning: An action or relationship that causes inevitable failure or ruin.
      • Example: “The scandal was the kiss of death to his political career.”
    12. Keep Mum
      • Meaning: To remain silent; to not share information.
      • Example: “It’s a surprise party for her, so keep mum.”
    13. Keep a Stiff Upper Lip
      • Meaning: To remain resolute and unemotional in the face of adversity.
      • Example: “Even during the crisis, she kept a stiff upper lip.”
    14. Kick up a Fuss (or Kick up a Ruckus)
      • Meaning: To create a scene or cause a disturbance.
      • Example: “The customer kicked up a fuss when he was overcharged.”
    15. Knock on Wood (or Touch Wood)
      • Meaning: An expression used to ward off bad luck after making a hopeful statement.
      • Example: “I’ve never broken a bone, knock on wood.”
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    List of idioms Starting with K

    Kangaroo CourtA Court Of Law Where Proper Procedures Are Not Followed At All, A Sham Judicial Proceeding
    Keep Something At BayMaintain A Distance From Something Or Someone
    Keep A Stiff Upper LipControl One’S Emotions, Not Give In To Fear Or Grief
    Keep An Ear To The GroundStaying Informed And Updated About Everything
    Keep An Eye OnTo Keep An Eye On Something Or Someone Is To Watch It Periodically, To Keep It Under Surveillance.
    Keep An Eye PeeledBe Observant, Watch Out For Something
    Keep At Arm’S LengthTo Deliberately Not Let Someone Get Too Close
    Keep It Under Your HatDon’T Tell Anyone, Don’T Reveal This Secret
    Keep Someone At Arm’S LengthAvoid Close Interaction Or Cooperation
    Keep Your Nose CleanAvoid Trouble Or Situations That Compromise One’E Honesty
    Keep Your Powder DryDo Not Attack Until You Are Ready.
    Keeping One’S Nose To The GrindstoneWorking Hard On Something Repetitive Or Tedious
    Kick Ass, Kick ButtDefeat Badly, Be Excellent Or Highly Effective
    Kick The BucketTo Die
    Kick The Can Down The RoadPostpone An Important Decision
    Kill A Fly With An Elephant GunApproach A Problem With Excessive Measures
    Kill The Goose That Laid The Golden EggTo Destroy A Source Of Ongoing Profits Or Benefits
    Kill TimeTo Do Something For The Sake Of Passing The Time While You’Re Waiting For Another Thing To Occur
    Kill Two Birds With One StoneGet Two Things Done With A Single Action
    King Of The HillAt The Top Of One’S Field, The Most Influential Person In A Given Field Or Area
    Kink In One’S NeckA Cramp In One’S Neck That Causes Pain
    Kiss And Make UpMake Peace After An Argument
    Kith And KinFamily Collectively
    Knock On Wood, Touch WoodLet’S Hope I Have Good Luck Or Continue To Have Good Luck.
    Knock Some Sense IntoTo Beat Someone In Order To Teach Him/Her A Lesson. May Be Used Figuratively.
    Knock Someone’S Socks OffAmaze Someone
    Knock UpTo Impregnate A Woman. Often Used In The Form Knocked Up.
    KnockoutAn Extremely Beautiful Woman
    Know Something Like The Back Of One’S HandTo Be Very Familiar With Something, Especially An Area
    Know The ScoreBe Aware Of All Relevant Factors And Variables
    Know Which Way The Wind Is BlowingUnderstand The Situation Usually Negative

    In Recap

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    Knocking on the door of ‘K’ idioms, we encounter a kingdom of knowledge, rich with kinks and knacks that add zest to our daily interactions. These idiomatic kernels, ripe with history and wit, kindle our appreciation for language’s nuance and depth. For those keen on kneading more flavor into their conversations, or simply keeping up with English’s idiosyncrasies, ‘K’ idioms are key. So, why wait? Kindle your passion, know these idioms, and keep your conversations kaleidoscopically kitted with the gems from ‘K’!

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