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67+ Idioms That Start With I

    Idioms That Start With I

    Immersed in the intricate interplay of imagination and interpretation, idioms invite us into a world where words intertwine to create imagery rich with insights and intimations. In this installment, our investigation is invigorated by idioms inspired by the intriguing and influential letter “I”.

    From “in a pickle” to “itching for a fight”, the letter “I” introduces an impressive inventory of idiomatic expressions, each imbued with its own identity and inner tale in the vast vista of the English vernacular. Ideal for inquisitive intellectuals, impassioned philologists, or those simply infatuated with the idiosyncrasies of language, this installment illuminates the origins, implications, and idyllic charm of “I” idioms. Ignite your curiosity and immerse yourself in our in-depth introspection as we navigate the invigorating and occasionally ironic world of idioms anchored by this iconic letter.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter I

    Immersing ourselves into the intricate tapestry of English idioms, we are introduced to a myriad of expressions initiating with the intriguing letter ‘I’. These idioms, imbued with insight and imagery, illuminate various aspects of our language and interactions. In this in-depth introspection, we’ll identify and interpret the illustrious idioms indelibly inked with the initial ‘I’.

    1. In the Nick of Time
      • Meaning: Just in the last moment; barely on time.
      • Example: “The firefighters arrived in the nick of time, preventing the blaze from spreading to the neighboring house.”
    2. It Takes Two to Tango
      • Meaning: Actions or communications need more than one person.
      • Example: “I know they’re arguing, but it takes two to tango, so I think both are at fault.”
    3. In the Same Boat
      • Meaning: Being in the same unfortunate situation as others.
      • Example: “I also didn’t prepare for the test – looks like we’re in the same boat.”
    4. Itchy Feet
      • Meaning: A desire to travel or move from place to place.
      • Example: “Ever since she returned from her European tour, she’s had itchy feet.”
    5. In Over Your Head
      • Meaning: To be involved in a situation that is too difficult to handle.
      • Example: “He borrowed way too much money and now he’s in over his head with debt.”
    6. If the Shoe Fits
      • Meaning: If a description applies to you, then accept it.
      • Example: “I wasn’t specifically talking about you, but if the shoe fits, then maybe you should consider it.”
    7. In One’s Element
      • Meaning: In a situation you are familiar with or doing something you are good at.
      • Example: “Give him any math problem, and he’s in his element. He loves solving them.”
    8. In the Blink of an Eye
      • Meaning: Very quickly or suddenly.
      • Example: “Everything changed in the blink of an eye.”
    9. In Hot Water
      • Meaning: In trouble or difficulty.
      • Example: “He’s in hot water with his parents for breaking the vase.”
    10. In a Nutshell
      • Meaning: In the shortest possible way; concisely.
      • Example: “In a nutshell, the plan failed because we didn’t anticipate the weather changes.”
    11. Icing on the Cake
      • Meaning: An additional benefit or positive aspect to something that is already favorable.
      • Example: “The concert was amazing, and getting backstage passes was the icing on the cake.”
    12. In Seventh Heaven
      • Meaning: Extremely happy or pleased.
      • Example: “When she received the news of her promotion, she was in seventh heaven.”
    13. In the Red
      • Meaning: Owing more money than is in one’s account; in debt.
      • Example: “The company’s been in the red for months now.”
    14. In a Pickle
      • Meaning: In a difficult position or situation; in a quandary.
      • Example: “Forgetting his wife’s birthday has really put him in a pickle.”
    15. Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop
      • Meaning: People who are not occupied with work or activities are more likely to do something harmful.
      • Example: “She started volunteering in her free time because she believes idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”
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    List of idioms Starting with I

    I Wouldn’T Go Down That Road If I Were You!I Wouldn’T Do That If I Were You!
    I Wouldn’T Put It Past SomeoneI Think It’S Quite Possible That [This Person] Would Do This.
    I’M All EarsYou Have My Attention, So You Should Talk
    I’Ve Had It Up To HereMy Patience Is Almost Exhausted.
    If It Had Been A Snake, It Would Have Bitten MeIt Was Very Obvious, But I Missed It.
    If The Shoe Fits, Wear ItIf This Description Of You Is Accurate, Accept It.
    Ignorance Is BlissYou’Re Better Off Not Knowing
    IlluminatingTo Make Something More Understandable
    In A FogConfused, Not Mentally Alert
    In A HeartbeatImmediately. This Is Especially Used In Hypothetical Situations
    In A JamIn Need Of Help, In A Difficult Spot
    In A New York MinuteVery Quickly
    In A NutshellExpressed In A Few Words
    In A PickleIn Need Of Help, In A Difficult Spot
    In A RutConfined By Routine, Bored And Seeking New Experiences
    In Broad DaylightWhen Something Occurs In Broad Daylight, It Means The Event Is Clearly Visible
    In CloverBenefiting From A Positive Financial Situation
    In For A Penny, In For A PoundCommitted To Something Even Though The Risks Are Increasing
    In Full SwingSomething That Is Currently In Process And Moving Efficiently Along
    In His CupsDrunk
    In Hot WaterBe In Trouble
    In One Fell SwoopAll At Once, In A Single Action
    In One’S ElementIn A Situation Which Is Entirely Suitable, Familiar, Or Enjoyable.
    In Someone’S WheelhouseIn Someone’S Strongest Area Of Competence Or Enthusiasm
    In The BallparkClose To A Suitable Amount Or Suggestion
    In The Blink Of An EyeQuickly, Seemingly Instantaneously
    In The CardsLikely, Likely To Occur
    In The Crosshairs Cross HairsTargeted For Blame Or Criticism
    In The DarkA State Of Ignorance, To Not Have Knowledge About Something
    In The Driver’S SeatIn A Dominant Position, In Control
    In The Hot SeatUndergoing Criticism Or Scrutiny, Under Pressure Publicly
    In The InterimIt Denotes A Period Of Time Between Something That Ended And Something That Happened Afterwards
    In The Limelight, In The SpotlightReceiving Large Amounts Of Publicity Or Attention
    In The Long RunOver An Extended Period Of Time
    In The Nick Of TimeJust In Time, With No Time To Spare
    In The Opinion Of The SpeakerA Person Has Just Spent Money Unnecessarily And Is, Therefore, A Fool.
    In The PipelineBeing Prepared For The Marketplace, Being Worked On
    In The RedLosing Money, Of A Market Index Below A Specified Starting Point
    In The Same BoatBe In The Same Situation
    In The ToiletIn Disastrous Condition
    In The WorksUnder Development, Coming Soon
    In TouchIn Contact
    Inching ForwardWhen Progress On Something Is Being Made In Small Increments
    Information SuperhighwayThe Internet
    Iron Out Problems, DifficultiesTo Resolve
    Is The Pope CatholicIsn’T The Answer Obvious?
    It Ain’T Over Till The Fat Lady SingsThis Isn’T Over Yet
    It Cost An Arm And A LegIt Was Expensive
    It Costs An Arm And A LegIt’S Very Expensive
    It Is A Poor Workman Who Blames His ToolsIf You Can’T Do The Job, Don’T Blame It On Others
    It Is Always Darkest Before The DawnThings Are Going To Get Better
    It Never Rains But It PoursBad Luck And Bad Things Tend To Happen At The Same Time
    It Takes One To Know OneYou’Re Just As Bad As I Am
    It Takes Two To TangoOne Person Alone Isn’T Responsible. Both People Are Involved.
    It Went To The DogsSomething Is No Longer As Good As It Was In The Past
    It Won’T FlyIt Won’T Work, It Won’T Be Approved.
    It’S A WashA Positive And A Negative Development Cancel Each Other Out, So The Situation Has Neither Improved Nor Gotten Worse
    It’S All Greek To MeIt Is Unintelligible, Impossible To Understand
    It’S In The BagIt’S A Certainty
    It’S No Skin Off My Your Nose BackThe Outcome Will Not Affect Me Personally
    It’S Not Over Till The Fat Lady SingsDo Not Give Up Too Soon, Things May Improve.
    It’S Not Rocket ScienceIt’S Not Difficult To Understand.
    It’S Raining Cats And DogsIt’S Raining Very Hard
    Itchy FeetA Person Who Has Itchy Feet Is Someone Who Finds It Difficult To Stay In One Place And Likes To Travel And Discover New Places.
    It’S A Piece Of CakeIt’S Easy
    It’S Like Pulling TeethSomething That Requires A Lot Of Effort
    I’Ve Got Your NumberTo Say You Can’T Be Fooled By Someone Since You Have Them Figured Out

    In Reflection

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    Investigating ‘I’ idioms provides invaluable insights into the idiosyncrasies and inherent richness of the English language. These idioms, ranging from the insightful to the idiomatic, infuse our daily interlocutions with imagery, insight, and intrigue. For language aficionados and initiates alike, integrating these ‘I’ idioms into their vocabulary is immensely impactful. Without further ado, immerse yourself in the world of ‘I’ idioms, and invoke their magic in your everyday interactions. Indulge, learn, and inspire!

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