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180+ Idioms That Start With B

    Idioms That Start With B

    Bridging the gap between mere words and vivid imagery, idioms breathe life into our conversations, binding them with cultural contexts and layers of hidden meaning. As we bounce to the second letter of the alphabet, this article spotlights idioms that proudly start with the letter “B”.

    From “barking up the wrong tree” to “biting off more than one can chew”, the letter “B” beckons with a bounty of expressions that have bolstered the richness of the English language for ages. For budding linguists, bookworms, or those just on the brink of diving deeper into the nuances of language, this exploration will burst open a world of backstories, interpretations, and the brilliance hidden in everyday banter. Buckle up, as we blaze a trail through the beautiful and sometimes baffling world of “B” idioms, unboxing their histories and hailing their enduring charm in our spoken tapestry.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter B

    Idioms are a delightful element of languages, weaving in cultural intricacies, historical events, and shared societal understandings into everyday conversations. After exploring idioms starting with the letter ‘A’, it’s time to venture into idiomatic expressions beginning with the letter ‘B’. These phrases lend vibrancy and depth to our language, making communication more vivid and expressive. In this comprehensive article, we will elucidate some of the prevalent and intriguing idioms that commence with the letter ‘B’.

    1. Back to the Drawing Board
      • Meaning: To start a task all over again because it didn’t work out on the first attempt.
      • Example: “Our proposal was rejected by the board, so it’s back to the drawing board for us.”
    2. Barking Up the Wrong Tree
      • Meaning: Making a false assumption or pursuing a misguided course of action.
      • Example: “If you think I stole the cookies, you’re barking up the wrong tree; I’m on a diet!”
    3. Bite the Bullet
      • Meaning: To bravely face a difficult or unpleasant situation.
      • Example: “I hate going to the dentist, but I have to bite the bullet and get this tooth fixed.”
    4. Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
      • Meaning: To take on a task that’s too big or difficult.
      • Example: “Organizing the entire event by myself was biting off more than I could chew.”
    5. Break a Leg
      • Meaning: A way of wishing someone good luck, especially before a performance.
      • Example: “You have your dance performance tonight? Break a leg!”
    6. Burn the Midnight Oil
      • Meaning: To work late into the night.
      • Example: “I have a big exam tomorrow, so I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight.”
    7. Bury the Hatchet
      • Meaning: To make peace; to settle one’s differences.
      • Example: “It’s time to bury the hatchet and move on from our old arguments.”
    8. Bite Your Tongue
      • Meaning: To avoid speaking, often because it might be inappropriate or harmful.
      • Example: “Every time she made a sarcastic comment, I had to bite my tongue.”
    9. Beating Around the Bush
      • Meaning: Avoiding the main topic or not speaking directly.
      • Example: “Stop beating around the bush and tell me what you really think.”
    10. Blow Off Steam
      • Meaning: To release pent-up emotions, especially stress or anger.
      • Example: “After a hard week at work, she blows off steam by going for a long run.”
    11. Burn Your Bridges
      • Meaning: To act in a way that makes it impossible to return to a previous situation.
      • Example: “By quitting his job in such a dramatic fashion, he really burned his bridges.”
    12. Break the Ice
      • Meaning: To initiate a conversation in a social setting, making it easier for people to mingle.
      • Example: “Trivia games at the start of the party can help break the ice.”
    13. Burst Your Bubble
      • Meaning: To bring someone back to reality, especially if they have beliefs or ideas that are not practical or true.
      • Example: “I hate to burst your bubble, but unicorns aren’t real.”
    14. Blow One’s Own Trumpet
      • Meaning: To boast or brag about one’s own abilities.
      • Example: “I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but I am quite good at painting.”
    15. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
      • Meaning: In a difficult situation where there are two equally unpleasant choices.
      • Example: “If I take this new job, I won’t see my family much, but if I decline, I’ll miss a great opportunity. I feel between a rock and a hard place.”
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    List of idioms Starting with B

    Babe In ArmsA Baby Being Carried
    Babe In The WoodsAn Innocent, Naive Person
    Babe MagnetA Man To Whom Women Are Attracted
    Baby BluesBlue Eyes.
    Baby BoomerA Person Born In The Years Following World War Ii, When There Was A Temporary Marked Increase In The Birth Rate
    Babysitter TestAn Evaluation Of The Ease Of Use Of Household Appliances, Especially Remote Control Devices
    Back Against The WallStuck In A Difficult Circumstance With No Escape
    Back And ForthDialogue, Negotiations
    Back At YouSame To You Used To Return A Greeting Or Insult
    Back BurnerNot Urgent, Set Aside Until Later
    Back FortyRemote, Inaccessible Land
    Back In The DayFormerly, When I Was Younger, In Earlier Times
    Back Of BeyondA Remote Location
    Back OfficeSupport Services For A Business
    Back On One’S FeetPhysically Healthy Again
    Back The Wrong HorseTo Support The Losing Side
    Back To Square OneBack To The Start
    Back To The Drawing BoardBegin Something All Over Again
    Back To The Salt MineWe Have To Go Back To Work.
    Backing And FillingDelaying A Decision By Making Small Changes Or Arguing About Small Details
    Backseat DriverA Passenger In A Car Who Gives Unwanted Advice To The Driver Is Called A Backseat Driver.
    Bad AppleA Discontented, Trouble Making, Or Dishonest Person
    Bad BloodEnmity Or Hatred That Stems From Something In The Past
    Bad EggA Troublesome Person
    Bad Taste In One’S MouthUnease, A Feeling That Something Unspecified Is Wrong In A Situation
    Bag Of TricksA Set Of Methods Or Resources
    Bail OutTo Rescue Someone From A Bad Situation, To Shield Someone From The Consequences Of His Or Her Actions
    Ball And ChainOne’S Spouse, An Ongoing Burden
    Ball Is In Your CourtThe Decision Is Up To You
    Ballpark FigureA Rough Estimate
    Bang For Your BuckGet The Most Benefit Possible Out Of The Money You Spend
    Bang One’S Head Against The WallTry Repeatedly To Do Something Without Making Progress
    Banner YearA Year Marked By Strong Successes
    Baptism By FireA Difficult Task Given Right After One Has Assumed New Responsibilities
    Bar FlySomeone Who Spends Much Of His Or Her Time In Bars
    Bare BonesA Very Basic Model Or Version, With No Extras Or Add
    Bare One’S HeartTo Confess One’S Deepest Secrets
    Bark Up The Wrong TreeLook In The Wrong Place Or Falsely Accuse
    Barking Up The Wrong TreeHaving The Wrong Impression Of A Person Or Situation
    Basket CaseErratic Or Panicky
    Bat/Play For Both TeamsTo Be Bisexual.
    Bat/Play For The Other TeamTo Be Homosexual.
    Bats In The BelfryIndicates That Someone Is Behaving In An Eccentric Or Less Than Sane Manner
    Batten Down The HatchesPrepare For A Storm
    Be A Barrel Of LaughsTo Be Fun, Funny, And Pleasant.
    Be A Cold Day In HellSomething That Will Never Happen
    Be An ItemBe A Couple
    Be Footloose And Fancy-FreeTo Be Free Of Responsibilities, Including Romantic Commitments
    Be Head Over HeelsBe In Love With Somebody Very Much
    Be In Seventh HeavenExtremely Happy
    Be In Two MindsTo Not Be Certain About Something, Or To Have Difficulty In Making A Decision
    Be Like Chalk And CheeseThings Or People Who Are Very Different And Have Nothing In Common
    Be LoveyExpressing Your Love In Public By Constantly Kissing And Hugging
    Be Nuts AboutReally Enjoy
    Be On The MendBe Improving After An Illness
    Be Snowed UnderBe Extremely Busy With Work Or Things To Do
    Bean CountersAccountants, Finance Professionals In An Organization
    Beast Of BurdenSomeone Carries Others Problems
    Beat A Dead HorseDwell On A Topic Beyond Resolution
    Beat Around The BushAvoid Saying What You Mean, Usually Because It Is Uncomfortable
    Beat Someone To The DrawTo Accomplish Or Obtain Something More Quickly Than Someone Else
    Beat Someone To The PunchDo Something Before Or Faster Than Someone Else
    Beat The ClockFinish Something Before The Deadline
    Beat The Drum For SomethingSpeak In Favor Of Something To Try To Generate Support
    Beauty Is In The Eye Of The BeholderEveryone Has Different Preferences For What Is Attractive
    Beauty Is Only Skin DeepExternal Appearance Is A Superficial Basis For Judging Someone
    Bed Of RosesA Comfortable Situation
    Bedroom EyesAn Expression Of The Eyes That Seems To Invite Sex
    Bee In Her BonnetShe Is Upset
    Bee In One’S BonnetSomeone Who Has A Bee In Their Bonnet Has An Idea Which Constantly Occupies Their Thoughts.
    Beef UpTo Strengthen Something
    Beet RedEmbarrassed Or Angry
    Beggar Thy NeighborTo Do Something Beneficial For Oneself Without Worrying About How It Affects Others
    Beggars Can’T Be ChoosersIf You Are In A Bind, You Can’T Be Picky When Someone Offers You Some Help
    Behind The Eight BallAt A Serious Disadvantage
    Behind The ScenesIn A Way Not Apparent To The Public
    Behind The TimesOld-Fashioned
    Behind You All The WayTo Fully Support Someone’S Actions
    Bell The CatTake On A Difficult Or Impossible Task
    Bells And WhistlesAttractive But Unnecessary Features Of A Product
    Belly LaughLoud, Hearty Laughter
    Bend An ElbowDrink Alcoholic Beverages At A Tavern
    Best Thing Since Sliced BreadAn Innovative Development
    Best Of Both WorldsCombining Two Qualities That Are Usually Separate
    Bet One’S Bottom DollarBe Certain That Something Will Happen
    Bet The FarmRisk Everything, Spend All One’S Money On Something In Hopes Of Success
    Better Late Than NeverBetter To Arrive Late Than Not To Come At All
    Better PerspectiveA Clearer View Of Something, A More Thorough Understanding Of A Situation
    Between A Rock And A Hard PlaceCaught Between Two Undesirable Options
    Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaIn A Difficult Position
    Beyond The PaleToo Morally Or Socially Extreme To Accept
    Beyond The Shadow Of A DoubtAbsolutely Certain
    Bide Your TimeRelax And Take Your Time Doing Something
    Big AppleAn Informal Name For New York City
    Big BrotherGovernment, Viewed As An Intrusive Force In The Lives Of Citizens, Government Spying
    Big CheeseAn Important Person
    Big DealAn Important Event Or Accomplishment
    Big FishAn Important Person
    Big PictureA Wide Perspective, A Broad View Of Something
    Big TimeIf You Do Something Big Time, You Do It To A Great Degree.
    Bird’S-Eye ViewA View From Above, A Broad Perspective On Something
    BirdbrainSomeone Who Is Not Very Smart
    Birds Of A FeatherPeople Having Similar Characters, Backgrounds, Interests, Or Beliefs.
    Birds Of A Feather Flock TogetherPeople Who Are Alike Are Often Friends
    Birthday SuitNaked
    Bite Off More Than One Can ChewTake On More Responsibility Than What Is Manageable
    Bite Off More Than You Can ChewTake On A Project That You Cannot Finish
    Bite The BulletTo Endure An Unpleasant And Unavoidable Situation
    Bite The Hand That Feeds YouAct Badly Toward Someone Who Has Helped You
    Bitter Pill To SwallowAn Unpleasant Fact That One Must Accept
    Black And WhiteA Clear Distinction Between Good And Bad, Positive And Negative
    Black EyeA Mark Of Shame
    Black SheepA Person Who Does Not Fit Into A Group, Especially A Family
    Black-And-BlueBruised, Showing Signs Of Having Been Physically Harmed
    Blank CheckPermission To Spend Or Do Whatever One Wishes, Carte Blanche
    Blind DateWhen Two People Who Have Never Seen Each Other Before Go On A Date
    Blinded By LoveWhen A Person Is So Madly In Love With Somebody That They Can’T See The Person’S Faults Or Negative Characteristics
    Blood And ThunderA Dramatic, Spectacular Performance
    Blow Away The CobwebsIf Something Blows Away The Cobwebs, It Makes You Feel More Lively And Refreshes Your Ideas.
    Blow Hot And ColdAlternate Inconsistently Between Moods And Actions
    Blow Off SteamTo Express Anger And Frustration In A Way That Does No Damage
    Blow One’S StackTo Lose One’S Temper And Explode In Anger
    Blow One’S TopLose One’S Temper
    Blow The Cobwebs AwayMake Space For Fresh Ideas, Encourage Something New
    Blow The WhistleReporting An Illegal Or Unacceptable Activity To The Authorities
    Blow UpExplode
    Blow Your Own TrumpetBrag, Emphasize One’S Own Contributions
    Blue BloodPerson Of Aristocratic Background
    Blue Eyed BoyA Person Who Is A Favorite Of Those In Authority, Someone Whose Mistakes Are Forgiven
    Blue Light SpecialA Temporary Sale At A Discount Store, A Traffic Stop By The Police.
    Bob’S Your UncleThe Rest Is Easy, You’Re Almost Finished
    Boil The OceanTaking Up An Almost Impossible Or Overly Ambitious Project
    Bolt From The BlueSomething That Happened Without Warning
    Bone DryCompletely Dry, Totally Without Moisture
    Born On The Wrong Side Of The BlanketBorn To Parents Who Were Not Married
    Borrow TroubleTake Needless Risks, Invite Problems
    Bottom Of The BarrelLow-Quality Choices
    Bought The FarmTo Die Unexpectedly
    Boy ToyA Young Man Who Is The Lover Of An Older, Often Wealthier Woman See Toyboy
    Boys Will Be BoysA Phrase Of Resignation Used When Boys Get Into Trouble Or Are Stereotypically Reckless Or Rowdy
    BrainstormTo Generate Many Ideas Quickly
    Break A LegGood Luck
    Break Fresh/ New GroundDoing Something That Has Never Been Done Before
    Break Out In A Cold SweatTo Perspire From Fever Or Anxiety
    Break The BankExhaust One’S Financial Resources
    Break The IceMake People Feel More Comfortable
    Break Up/ Split UpEnd The Relationship
    Bright ShootStart Something New, A New Chapter
    Bright SparkSomeone That Is Highly Intelligent
    BrilliantShining Brightly, Stands Out, Illustrious
    Bring Home The BaconEarn Money For One’S Family
    Bringing A Knife To A GunfightUnderequipped Or Unprepared
    Brush Under The CarpetAttempt To Temporarily Conceal A Problem Or Error
    Bucket ListThings You Want To See Or Do Before You Die
    Build OnTo Use Something As A Base Or Foundation To Develop Something Else
    Build/Make A Good CaseTo Argue That Something Is The Best Thing To Do, To Explain And Give Reasons Why Something Should Be Done
    Bull In A China ShopA Clumsy Or Tactless Person
    Bump In The RoadA Temporary Problem, A Small Setback
    Bundle Of NervesVery Nervous Or Anxious About Something
    Bundle UpPut On Lots Of Warm Clothing
    Burn BridgesDestroy Relationships
    Burn One’S BridgesLeave A Job Or A Relationship On Such Bad Terms That One Does Not Stay In Contact
    Burn The Candle At Both EndsTo Work Too Hard, With Possible Bad Consequences For One’S Health
    Burn The Midnight OilTo Work Late Into The Night
    Burn Your Boats/BridgesDoing Something That Makes It Impossible To Go Back To The Original State.
    Bury Hide One’S Head In The SandIgnoring Something That’S Obviously Wrong, Not Facing Reality
    Bury The HatchetMake Peace, Agree To End A Dispute
    Business As UsualA Normal Situation Whether Related To Business Or Not, Typically Restored After Some Change
    Busman’S HolidayA Vacation Where You Do The Same Thing You Do At Work, A Working Vacation
    Busted FlushA Failure, Someone Or Something That Seemed Promising But Did Not Develop Well
    Busy As A BeeTo Be Very Active And Working Hard At Something
    Butter Wouldn’T Melt In Someone’SMouth This Person Is Cool In Manner, Prim And Proper
    Buy A Pig In A PokeTo Buy Something With No Prior Inspection
    Buy TimeCause A Delay In Something With The Aim Of Improving One’S Position
    By A WhiskerBy A Very Short Distance
    By All MeansOf Course, Certainly
    By Hook Or By CrookBy Some Possibly Dishonest Means
    By The Skin Of One’S TeethNarrowly Or Barely Escaping A Disaster
    By The Skin Of Your TeethJust Barely
    By Word Of MouthVia Personal Communications Rather Than Written Media


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    Diving into idioms beginning with ‘B’ has been an enlightening journey through the intricacies of the English language. These idiomatic expressions offer a window into the collective wisdom, humor, and values of a culture. They add depth, color, and flair to conversations, and understanding their meanings can greatly enhance both comprehension and expressiveness in language. Whether you’re an avid language learner or simply someone who enjoys the playfulness of words, idioms offer a fascinating and enriching dimension to explore.

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