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55+ Idioms That Start With W

    Idioms That Start With W

    Woven into the warp and weft of our words, idioms provide a window into the whims, wisdom, and wonders of past worlds. Wading deeper into the alphabet’s waters, we alight on the letter “W”, a wellspring of wondrous idiomatic expressions waiting to be unveiled.

    From “wild goose chase” to “wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve”, the letter “W” wraps us in a whirlwind of witty and whimsical sayings, each one whispering tales of worlds gone by. Written for word-lovers, scholars, and those with a penchant for wandering through the warrens of language, this exploration will whisk readers away on a journey of discovery. Walk with us through the winding paths of “W” idioms, as we unwrap their origins, interpret their meanings, and celebrate the wealth of wisdom they have wielded in our daily discourse.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter W

    Whisking our way through the wondrous world of English idioms, we wind up at the whimsical whirlwind represented by the letter ‘W’. Wrought with wisdom, wit, and wonder, ‘W’ wields a wealth of words that weave into our daily dialogues, offering a window into the worldviews of bygone eras. Without further ado, let’s wade into this wellspring and unwrap the wealth of ‘W’ idioms.

    1. Wear One’s Heart on One’s Sleeve
      • Meaning: To openly display or show one’s emotions.
      • Example: “She always wears her heart on her sleeve, so you know exactly how she feels.”
    2. Wet Behind the Ears
      • Meaning: Inexperienced; immature or naive.
      • Example: “He’s just out of college and still wet behind the ears, but he’s eager to learn.”
    3. Wild Goose Chase
      • Meaning: A pointless, futile effort or pursuit.
      • Example: “Looking for that old book in the attic was a wild goose chase; it wasn’t there.”
    4. When Pigs Fly
      • Meaning: Something that will never happen or is impossible.
      • Example: “He’ll clean his room without being told? Yeah, when pigs fly!”
    5. Walk on Eggshells
      • Meaning: To act with great caution or care, usually to avoid offending someone.
      • Example: “Ever since their argument, he’s been walking on eggshells around her.”
    6. Whole Nine Yards
      • Meaning: Everything possible or available; the full measure.
      • Example: “When he throws a party, he goes all out—gourmet food, top-tier entertainment, the whole nine yards.”
    7. Warts and All
      • Meaning: Including all negative characteristics or aspects.
      • Example: “She showed me the early drafts of her book, warts and all.”
    8. Water Under the Bridge
      • Meaning: Past events or situations that are no longer important or troubling.
      • Example: “I know we had our differences, but that’s all water under the bridge now.”
    9. Wring One’s Hands
      • Meaning: To express distress or despair.
      • Example: “She wrung her hands as she waited for the test results.”
    10. With Flying Colors
      • Meaning: With great or total success.
      • Example: “She passed the final exam with flying colors.”
    11. Walk a Tightrope
      • Meaning: To be in a situation where one must be very cautious.
      • Example: “Balancing work and parenting during the pandemic felt like walking a tightrope.”
    12. White Elephant
      • Meaning: A possession that is more of a burden than a benefit, especially due to maintenance costs or difficulty in disposal.
      • Example: “The old mansion became a white elephant for the family, draining resources without providing any value.”
    13. When the Chips are Down
      • Meaning: When a situation is urgent or difficult.
      • Example: “She’s someone you can rely on when the chips are down.”
    14. Wear the Pants
      • Meaning: To be the dominant or decision-making person in a situation or relationship.
      • Example: “In their relationship, it’s clear who wears the pants.”
    15. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
      • Meaning: Someone who appears friendly or harmless but is really hostile.
      • Example: “Be wary of him; he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
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    List of idioms Starting with W

    Waiting In The WingsReady To Assume Responsibilities But Not Yet Active, Ready To Become A Successor
    Waka-JumpingChange Political Parties Said Of Politicians Themselves
    Wake Up And Smell The CoffeeStop Deluding Yourself
    Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The BedBe Grumpy Or Ill-Humored. Generally Used In Past Tense
    Walk On EggshellsTo Have To Act Very Sensitively In Order To Avoid Offending Someone
    Walk The PlankBe Forced To Resign A Position
    Wandering EyeA Tendency To Look At And Desire Women Or Men Other Than One’S Committed Romantic Partner
    Wash Your Hands Of SomethingDecline To Take Further Responsibility, Refuse To Be Involved With Something Anymore
    Waste Not, Want NotDon’T Waste Things And You’Ll Always Have Enough
    Water Under The BridgeSomething In The Past That’S No Longer Worth Worrying About
    Watering HoleA Place Where Alcoholic Beverages Are Served, A Bar
    We Need To Come Up With A Road MapWe Need To Make A Plan
    We See Eye To EyeWe Agree
    We Took The Temperature Of The GroupChecked The Overall Opinion Of A Person Or Group Of People About Something
    We’Ll Cross That BridgeWhen We Come To It We’Ll Deal With That Problem If And When It Comes Up
    We’Ll Cross That Bridge When We Come To ItTo Wait To Worry About One Problem At A Time
    Weather The StormGo Through Something Difficult
    Weekend WarriorSomeone Who Has An Office Job But Enjoys Contact Sports On Weekends, A Member Of A Military Reserve Force Whose Exercises Are Typically On Weekends
    Well Begun Is Half DoneGetting A Good Start Is Important
    Welsh Welch On A DealNot Observe The Terms Of An Agreement
    Wet Behind The EarsDoesn’T Have Very Much Experience, Isn’T Very Skilled
    Wet BlanketSomeone Who Dampens A Festive Occasion
    Wet Your WhistleDrink Something
    What Do You Make OfWhat Is Your Evaluation Of This Person?
    What Goes Around Comes AroundThe Kind Of Treatment You Give To Others Will Eventually Return To You, Things Go In Cycles
    What’S Good For The Goose Is Good For The GanderWhat’S Ok For A Man Is Ok For A Woman, Too
    When Hell Freezes OverNever
    When In Doubt, Leave It OutWhen Unsure About Something, Omit It.
    When In Rome, Do As The Romans DoWhen You Are Visiting Another Place, You Should Follow The Customs Of The People In That Place
    When It Rains It PoursEverything Is Going Wrong At Once
    When Pigs FlyNever
    When The Chips Are DownWhen A Situation Becomes Urgent Or Difficult
    When Things Heat Up Between PeopleWhen A Relationship Becomes Romantic
    Where When The RubberMeets The Road In Reality, Where An Idea Meets A Real-World Test
    Where I StandYour Opinion, Point Of View
    Where There’S A Will, There’S A WayIf You Have A Strong Desire To Accomplish Something, You Will Achieve It Even In The Face Of Considerable Odds.
    Where There’S Smoke, There’S FireIf There Is Typical Evidence Of Something, The Most Likely Explanation Is That It Is Actually Occurring.
    Whisper Sweet NothingsSpeak Meaningless Romantic Utterances
    Whistle In The DarkTo Be Unrealistically Confident Or Brave, To Talk About Something Of Which One Has Little Knowledge
    Whistle Past The GraveyardRemain Optimistic Despite Dangers, Be Clueless
    Whistling DixieBeing Unrealistically Optimistic
    White ElephantAn Unwanted Item That Is Difficult To Sell Or Dispose Of
    Who’S She, The Cat’S MotherWhy Does She Have Such A High Opinion Of Herself?
    Wild Goose ChaseAn Impossible Or Futile Search Or Task
    Window DressingA Misleading Disguise Intended To Present A Favorable Impression
    Window ShopTo Look At Merchandise In A Store Without Intending To Buy It
    Witch HuntAn Organized Attempt To Persecute An Unpopular Group Of People And Blame Them For A Problem.
    With Bells OnEagerly, Willingly, And On Time.
    Wolf In Sheep’S ClothingA Person Who Pretends To Be Nice But Is Not
    Work One’S Fingers To The BoneWork Very Hard Over An Extended Period
    Worn To A FrazzleExhausted, Completely Worn Out
    Wouldn’T Be Caught DeadWould Absolutely Not Allow Myself To Do This
    Wouldn’T Hurt A FlyA Person That Is Inoffensive And Harmless
    Wrap Your Head Around SomethingUnderstand Something Complicated
    Writing Handwriting On The WallHints Of Coming Disaster

    In Retrospection

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    Wandering through the ‘W’ idioms, we witness a wide-ranging tapestry woven with wisdom, wit, and whimsy. These idioms, while often wielded without a second thought, whisk us away to worlds of yesteryears, enriching our conversations with nuanced wisdom. For word-lovers wishing to widen their linguistic horizons, the ‘W’ idioms are a worthy treasure trove. With such wondrous words at our fingertips, why wouldn’t we want to wield them? So, wade into the world of ‘W’ and watch your language skills wax poetic. Let’s celebrate the wonders of ‘W’!

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