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46+ Idioms That Start With M

    Idioms That Start With M

    Melding metaphors and meanings, idioms magnify the mosaic of our language, making mundane phrases into memorable morsels of insight and imagery. Meandering to the midpoint of the alphabet, we meet the mighty letter “M”, a mainstay in many an English maxim and mantra.

    From “make a mountain out of a molehill” to “miss the boat”, the letter “M” manifests a myriad of idioms, each meticulously molded by cultural memories, moods, and milestones. Meant for mavens of metaphors, masters of language, and those merely mesmerized by the magic of idiomatic expressions, this chapter will mesmerize with its meticulous mapping of “M” idioms. Mount your curiosity and make your way through this masterful mix, as we mine the depths of language, unraveling the mysteries and marvels behind each memorable phrase.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter M

    Meandering meticulously through the maze of English idioms, we encounter the multifaceted marvels that manifest with the letter ‘M’. A melange of meanings, memories, and mirth, these idioms mirror the myriad moods and motifs of our language. In this magnum opus on ‘M’, let’s mine the most magnificent idioms that mark their genesis in this memorable letter.

    1. Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill
      • Meaning: To exaggerate a minor issue or problem.
      • Example: “It’s just a tiny scratch on the car; there’s no need to make a mountain out of a molehill.”
    2. Miss the Boat
      • Meaning: To lose an opportunity or chance.
      • Example: “He missed the boat by not investing in the technology sector last year.”
    3. Mum’s the Word
      • Meaning: To keep something a secret; to say nothing.
      • Example: “Please keep the party plans a surprise. Remember, mum’s the word!”
    4. Method to One’s Madness
      • Meaning: A purpose or plan behind someone’s seemingly random or crazy behavior.
      • Example: “It might seem odd that he’s selling his assets, but there’s a method to his madness.”
    5. Make Ends Meet
      • Meaning: To manage one’s resources so as to live within one’s means.
      • Example: “With her new job, she’s finding it easier to make ends meet.”
    6. Monkey See, Monkey Do
      • Meaning: The act of imitating others without thinking or understanding.
      • Example: “Young children learn behavior by ‘monkey see, monkey do,’ so it’s important to set a good example.”
    7. Make a Beeline for
      • Meaning: To head straight for something or someone without any delay.
      • Example: “Every time he enters the store, he makes a beeline for the electronics section.”
    8. Music to One’s Ears
      • Meaning: Pleasing news or information.
      • Example: “Hearing that she had secured the contract was music to her ears.”
    9. My Hands Are Tied
      • Meaning: Unable to act or help due to certain constraints or restrictions.
      • Example: “I wish I could grant your request, but my hands are tied due to company policies.”
    10. Make No Bones About It
      • Meaning: To speak plainly and directly.
      • Example: “She made no bones about her disappointment with the team’s performance.”
    11. Muddy the Waters
      • Meaning: To complicate a situation or issue.
      • Example: “His additional comments only served to muddy the waters during the negotiation.”
    12. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
      • Meaning: Money isn’t easily obtained; it’s important to be careful with one’s finances.
      • Example: “We can’t buy a new car right now. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
    13. Move Heaven and Earth
      • Meaning: To do everything in one’s power to achieve a certain goal.
      • Example: “She moved heaven and earth to ensure her son got into a good school.”
    14. Man of Few Words
      • Meaning: Someone who speaks very little and is reserved in expression.
      • Example: “He’s a man of few words, but when he speaks, everyone listens.”
    15. Make a Killing
      • Meaning: To earn a large profit.
      • Example: “She made a killing in the stock market with some astute investments.”
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    List of idioms Starting with M

    Mad As A Box Of Soapy FrogsExtremely Mentally Unstable, Psychotic, Detached From Reality.
    Mad As A HatterMentally Ill, Psychotic
    Main SqueezeCommitted Romantic Partner
    Make A Break For ItTry To Escape, Run Off
    Make A Long Story ShortTell Something Briefly
    Make A Mountain Out Of A MolehillMake Something Unimportant Into A Big Deal
    Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’S EarTurn Something Ordinary Or Inferior Into Something Refined And Beautiful
    Make Ends MeetHave Enough Money To Cover Basic Expenses
    Make Hay While The Sun ShinesTo Take Advantage Of An Opportunity At The Right Time.
    Make LoveTo Have Sexual Intercourse
    Make NiceAct Cordial Despite Conflict
    Make One’S MarkAttain Influence Or Recognition
    Make Someone’S DayDo Something Pleasing That Puts Someone In A Good Mood
    Make The CutTo Be Chosen, Selected Or Included In Something
    Make WavesCause Controversy, Disturb A Calm Group Dynamic
    Man CaveA Part Of The House, Often The Basement, That Is Left To The Man Of The Household, Perhaps With A Workshop, A Television For Watching Sports, Etc.
    March To The Beat Of Your Own DrumWhen Someone Does Things The Way They Want To, Without Taking Anybody Else Or Anything Else Into Consideration.
    Match Made In HeavenA Relationship In Which The Two People Are Great Together, Because They Complement Each Other So Well
    May-DecemberSignificantly Different In Age. Said Of Couples Where One Member Is Much Older. The Most Common Usage Is May-December Romance.
    May-December MarriageA Marriage Between A Younger And An Older Partner, Typically A Young Woman And An Old Man.
    Me TimeActivities Undertaken For One’S Own Enjoyment, Free From Responsibilities To Others.
    Meeting Of The MindsStrong Instinctive Agreement On Something
    Mend FencesImprove Relations After A Dispute
    MilestonesImportant Events In A Person’S Life Or Career
    Mind One’S P’S And Q’SBe Attentive To Details, Be On One’S Best Behavior
    Miss The BoatIt’S Too Late
    Monday Morning QuarterbackSomeone Who Offers Criticisms Or Comments After Already Knowing The Outcome Of Something
    Monkey BusinessSilliness Or Goofing Off, Breaking The Rules
    Month Of SundaysA Long Time, Many Months
    Moral High GroundThe Status Of Being Respected, A Position Of Being ‘More’ Moral Than Others
    More Fun Than A Barrel Of MonkeysA Very Good Time, A Pleasant Occasion
    Most People Were Quite Warm About The IdeaPeople Have A Positive Reaction To The Idea
    Mother NatureThe Natural World
    Move Heaven And EarthTake All Possible Steps In Trying To Accomplish Something
    Move The GoalpostsTo Set Your Sights Or Standards Even Higher, To Make Something More Challenging
    Move The NeedleHave A Measurable Effect On Something
    Move Up In The WorldBecome More Successful
    Movers And ShakersInfluential People, Especially In A Particular Field
    Much Of A MuchnessEssentially Equal, Not Significantly Different Said Of A Choice
    Mum’S The WordThis Is Secret, Don’T Talk About This. Often Used As An Answer To A Request Not To Talk About Something.
    Mumbo JumboTo Call Something Total Nonsense
    Music To My EarsGood To Hear, Welcome News
    Mutton Dressed Up As LambA Woman Who Dresses In A Style Appropriate To Someone Of A Younger Age
    My Dogs Are BarkingMy Feet Hurt.
    My Old Man, My Old LadyMy Spouse
    My Way Or The HighwayIf You Do Not Do Things The Way I Want Or Require, Then You Can Just Leave Or Not Participate.

    In Retrospection

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    Musing over ‘M’ idioms, we’re met with a mosaic of metaphorical masterpieces that magnify the might of the English language. These idiomatic mementos, rich with metaphor and mystique, meld seamlessly into our daily musings, magnifying the message manifold. For mavericks and maestros of language, mastering ‘M’ idioms can be both motivating and mesmerizing. So, muster your enthusiasm, meld these idioms into your lexicon, and marvel at the magic they manifest in mundane moments! Cheers to the mesmerizing ‘M’!

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