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8+ Idioms That Start With Q

    Quirky and quintessential, idioms quench our thirst for colorful language, serving as quiet reminders of age-old wisdom and cultural quirks. Quickly advancing through our alphabet, we now queue up at the quaint and lesser-queried letter “Q”, a character that quite uniquely qualifies for an intriguing set of idiomatic expressions.

    From “quick as a flash” to “quit cold turkey”, the letter “Q” quietly contributes a cache of idioms that are both quizzical and quotable. This quest is for the questioning minds, the quintessential quote collectors, and those keen on the qualitative aspects of language. Quench your curiosity as we embark on a qualitative journey, querying the origins, qualities, and quandaries behind each “Q” idiom, underscoring their role in the quilted tapestry of the English language.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter Q

    Questing through the quizzical quirks of the English language, we quickly find ourselves in the quiet, yet quite intriguing, quadrant of idioms that commence with the letter ‘Q’. Although quantitatively fewer than other alphabets, these ‘Q’ idioms quench our thirst for quaint expressions, providing quality over quantity. In this article, we’ll embark on a quest to quantify and qualify the ‘Q’ idioms that color our conversations.

    1. Quit Cold Turkey
      • Meaning: To suddenly stop doing something addictive or habitual, like quitting smoking or drinking without gradually reducing consumption.
      • Example: “He decided to quit smoking and did it cold turkey, without relying on any substitutes.”
    2. Question of Time
      • Meaning: Something that is sure to happen, but the exact timing is uncertain.
      • Example: “It’s only a question of time before the new software becomes the industry standard.”
    3. Quick as a Flash (or Quick as Lightning)
      • Meaning: Very quickly or suddenly.
      • Example: “As soon as the gates opened, the kids ran out quick as a flash.”
    4. Queer the Pitch
      • Meaning: To ruin a plan or opportunity.
      • Example: “He queered the pitch by revealing the surprise too early.”
    5. Quaking in One’s Boots
      • Meaning: Extremely scared or nervous.
      • Example: “When he was called to the principal’s office, he was quaking in his boots.”
    6. Quiet as a Mouse
      • Meaning: Extremely quiet or silent.
      • Example: “She sneaked into the room, quiet as a mouse, to leave the surprise gift.”
    7. Quick on the Draw
      • Meaning: To be able to respond rapidly; often related to understanding jokes or situations swiftly.
      • Example: “He’s always quick on the draw with a witty reply.”
    8. Quid Pro Quo
      • Meaning: A favor or advantage granted in return for something of equal value.
      • Example: “The agreement was based on a quid pro quo principle where both companies benefited equally.”
    9. Quality Time
      • Meaning: Time spent in giving undivided attention to something or someone, especially to strengthen a relationship.
      • Example: “During the holidays, she focused on spending quality time with her family.”
    10. Quick and Dirty
      • Meaning: Something done quickly and not meant to last or be detailed.
      • Example: “They needed a quick and dirty solution to address the software bug before the final version was released.”
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    List of idioms Starting with Q

    Quake In One’S BootsTo Be Very Frightened
    Quarter PastFifteen Minutes After The Hour
    Quarter To/OfFifteen Minutes Before The Hour
    Queer The PitchInterfere With Someone’S Plans, Make Something More Difficult
    Quick As A FlashVery Fast
    Quick-And-DirtyApproximate, Hastily Done
    Quit Cold TurkeyTo Give Up Something All At Once Rather Than Gradually Weaning Off It
    Quote UnquoteIronically Speaking, Suggesting That If A Phrase Were Written Out, It Would Be In Quotation Marks To Convey Sarcasm

    In Retrospection

    Quintessentially quirky, ‘Q’ idioms may be in a minority, but they pack a qualitative punch. They are quintessential in their unique way, capturing qualities, questions, and quandaries of everyday life. For those quenching for a quick elevation in their linguistic quality, embracing these ‘Q’ idioms can quell many doubts. In the vast quilt of language, these idioms form a quiet but quintessential quadrant, adding both quirk and quality. Equip yourself with these ‘Q’ idioms and let your conversations quiver with eloquence. Dive into the quiet charm of ‘Q’!

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