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5+ Idioms That Start With V

    Idioms That Start With V

    Venturing into the vibrant vistas of vernacular, idioms offer a vivid view into the very heart of cultural values and historical verities. Veering towards the latter portion of the alphabetic voyage, we alight upon the venerable letter “V”, a vector of valuable and varied idiomatic vernacular.

    From “vanish into thin air” to “vent one’s spleen”, the letter “V” vaunts a volume of versatile idioms, each with its own voice and validity, vestiges of times gone by. Crafted for voracious readers, verbal aficionados, and those with a vested interest in the nuances of language, this volume vows to vivify the senses. Venture forth with us as we validate and vivisect the “V” idioms, shedding light on their vintage, value, and the vivid tales that vaulted them into our vocabulary.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter V

    Venturing valiantly into the vast vistas of English idioms, we are now on the verge of validating the vibrant and varied value of the letter ‘V’. While ‘V’ might seem to be in the shadows compared to some voluminous letters, it nonetheless vests us with a volley of vivid idioms. In this voyage, let’s vivify our understanding by visiting the vault of ‘V’ idioms.

    1. Vanish into Thin Air
      • Meaning: To disappear without a trace.
      • Example: “I placed my keys here, and they seem to have vanished into thin air!”
    2. Variety is the Spice of Life
      • Meaning: Differences and changes in routines or experiences make life enjoyable and interesting.
      • Example: “I love trying different cuisines when I travel. After all, variety is the spice of life.”
    3. Vested Interest
      • Meaning: A personal stake or involvement in something, especially with an expectation of gain.
      • Example: “He has a vested interest in the company’s success because he owns a significant amount of shares.”
    4. Vent One’s Spleen
      • Meaning: To express one’s anger.
      • Example: “After the meeting, he needed to vent his spleen about the decisions that were made.”
    5. Vie for Attention
      • Meaning: To compete for attention or recognition.
      • Example: “The two celebrities were vying for attention on the red carpet.”
    6. Voice of Reason
      • Meaning: A person or notion that introduces logic or clarity to a situation.
      • Example: “In our group debates, Sarah always plays the voice of reason.”
    7. Vote with One’s Feet
      • Meaning: To show one’s disapproval of something by leaving or by not participating.
      • Example: “Unhappy with the working conditions, many employees voted with their feet and resigned.”
    8. Vexed Question
      • Meaning: A question or issue that is difficult and much debated or discussed.
      • Example: “The matter of climate change has become a vexed question among world leaders.”
    9. Vanish Off the Face of the Earth
      • Meaning: To disappear completely or become extremely difficult to find.
      • Example: “Since high school, some of my friends seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.”
    10. Velvet Glove Treatment
      • Meaning: Gentle or delicate treatment, often used in the phrase “an iron fist in a velvet glove” indicating strength or power beneath a gentle exterior.
      • Example: “She may seem mild-mannered, but she’s an iron fist in a velvet glove when it comes to business negotiations.”
    11. Vocal Minority
      • Meaning: A small group of people who express a louder opinion on an issue than the rest.
      • Example: “While there was a vocal minority protesting the new law, surveys showed the majority of citizens were in favor.”
    12. Viral Loop
      • Meaning: A mechanism which drives repeated referrals or actions, often used in marketing.
      • Example: “Their app’s success was due to the viral loop built into its sharing features.”
    13. Vice Versa
      • Meaning: The other way around; in reverse order.
      • Example: “She respects him and vice versa.”
    14. Vision of the Future
      • Meaning: An idea or mental image of something that might happen in the future.
      • Example: “The new electric cars are seen as a vision of the future.”
    15. Vow and Declare
      • Meaning: To promise or affirm something solemnly.
      • Example: “He would vow and declare that he wasn’t at the scene of the crime.”
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    List of idioms Starting with V

    Vale Of TearsThe World In General, Envisioned As A Sad Place, The Tribulations Of Life
    Vicious CircleA Situation In Which An Attempt To Solve A Problem Makes The Original Problem Worse.
    Victory LapVisible Public Appearances After A Victory Or Accomplishment
    Virgin TerritorySomething That Has Never Been Explored, Physically Or Intellectually
    Vote With One’S FeetTo Physically Depart From Something As A Way Of Showing Disapproval

    In Summation

    Venturing through the ‘V’ idioms, we unearth a vault of vivid visions and versatile vernacular. These phrases veer from the conventional, vouching for the depth and vibrancy of the English language. For enthusiasts vested in deepening their vocabulary, ‘V’ idioms offer a veritable treasure trove. Vibrant and vivacious, they add verve to conversations. So, why wait in vain? Venture into the vivacity of ‘V’ idioms and let your vocabulary flourish with vim and vigor! Happy exploring the virtues of ‘V’!

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