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39+ Idioms That Start With N

    Idioms That Start With N

    Nestled neatly in the nuanced narratives of our language, idioms navigate the nexus between literal and figurative, nudging our notions and often narrating nuggets of cultural wisdom. Nearing the latter half of the alphabet, we now nod to the nuanced and notable letter “N”, a linchpin in numerous idiomatic nooks of the English lexicon.

    From “needle in a haystack” to “not my cup of tea”, the letter “N” nurtures a notable array of idioms, each narrating a unique tale, steeped in nostalgia, nuances, and native wisdom. Crafted for neophytes and aficionados alike, word nerds, and those naturally nosy about the nooks and crannies of language, these narrative promises to nourish the intellect. Navigate with us through the nuanced network of “N” idioms, as we narrate the origins, interpretations, and nifty tales behind each nugget of wisdom.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter N

    Navigating the nuanced nexus of English idioms, we now nestle into the notable and nuanced narratives knitted with the letter ‘N’. A neat niche in the nomenclature of English expressions, ‘N’ nurtures a nexus of novel idioms that narrate numerous norms, notions, and narratives of our culture. In this narrative, let’s notch up our knowledge of the ‘N’ idioms.

    1. Nip It in the Bud
      • Meaning: To put an end to something while it’s still in its early stages.
      • Example: “Seeing the potential disagreement arise, she decided to nip it in the bud by addressing the issue head-on.”
    2. Needle in a Haystack
      • Meaning: Something that is almost impossible to find because it’s hidden among so many other things.
      • Example: “Finding the original document in this pile of papers is like looking for a needle in a haystack.”
    3. Not a Leg to Stand On
      • Meaning: No valid argument or reason for one’s position.
      • Example: “Without evidence, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this argument.”
    4. Not My Cup of Tea
      • Meaning: Not something one enjoys or is interested in.
      • Example: “Skydiving is not my cup of tea; I prefer more grounded activities.”
    5. No Stone Unturned
      • Meaning: Every possible effort is made; every path or method is tried.
      • Example: “The police left no stone unturned in their search for the missing child.”
    6. Nine-to-Five Job
      • Meaning: A regular and routine job that lasts from 9 am to 5 pm.
      • Example: “He quit his nine-to-five job to travel the world.”
    7. Not Playing with a Full Deck
      • Meaning: Someone who lacks intelligence or common sense.
      • Example: “If you think that’s a good idea, you’re not playing with a full deck.”
    8. Not Hold Water
      • Meaning: An argument or theory that’s not valid or sound.
      • Example: “His excuse doesn’t hold water, given the evidence against him.”
    9. No Strings Attached
      • Meaning: Something given or agreed upon without any conditions or restrictions.
      • Example: “She offered to help with no strings attached.”
    10. Nest Egg
      • Meaning: A sum of money saved up for the future.
      • Example: “They have a neat nest egg set aside for their children’s education.”
    11. New Kid on the Block
      • Meaning: A newcomer in a place or organization.
      • Example: “The startup is the new kid on the block but is already making waves in the tech industry.”
    12. Not in the Same League
      • Meaning: Not at the same level of skill or ability.
      • Example: “While both writers are talented, they’re not in the same league.”
    13. Nail in the Coffin
      • Meaning: An action or event regarded as causing the failure or end of something.
      • Example: “The final poor sales report was the nail in the coffin for the business.”
    14. Night Owl
      • Meaning: A person who naturally stays up late and is active during the night.
      • Example: “She’s a night owl and does her best work after midnight.”
    15. None the Wiser
      • Meaning: Not having gained any knowledge or understanding.
      • Example: “Even after his explanation, I was none the wiser.”
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    List of idioms Starting with N

    Nail-BiterA Suspenseful Event
    Nailing Jelly/Jello/Pudding To A Wall/TreeAn Impossible Task
    Neck And NeckVery Close In A Competition, With Neither Of Two Entities Clearly In The Lead
    Neck Of The WoodsA Region, Especially One’S Home Region
    Need Elbow RoomTo Prefer To Have Plenty Of Space Between You And Other People
    Nest EggRetirement Savings, Wealth Saved For A Future Purpose
    Never In A Million YearsAbsolutely Never
    Never Look A Gift Horse In The MouthIt’S Rude To Examine A Gift Closely, Accept Gifts Politely.
    New WrinkleA Novel Aspect To A Situation, A New Development
    Nice Chunk Of ChangeA Large Amount Of Money
    Nickel And DimeTo Negotiate Over Very Small Sums, To Try To Get A Better Financial Deal, In A Negative Way
    Night OwlSomeone Who Stays Up Late
    Nine Times Out Of TenAlmost Always
    Nine-To-Five JobA Routine Job In An Office That Involves Standard Office Hours
    Nip Something In The BudDeal With A Problem Before It Becomes Large
    No Holds Barred Usually, Often HyphenatedUnrestricted, Without Rules
    No Love Lost BetweenThere Is A Mutual Animosity Between Two People
    No Names, No Pack DrillBy Not Accusing Anyone Specifically, I May Avoid Trouble.
    No Pain, No GainYou Have To Work For What You Want
    No Rhyme Or Reason ToWithout Logic Or Pattern
    No Room To Swing A CatVery Small, Not Big Enough
    No Shit, SherlockThat’S Very Obvious!
    No Skin Off My NoseSomething Isn’T Going To Affect You, So You Don’T Really Care
    No Tree Grows To The SkyGrowth Cannot Continue Indefinitely.
    Not Cut Out For SomethingNot Naturally Skillful Enough To Do Something Well
    Not Enough Room To Swing A CatA Very Small Space
    Not Give A FigTo Not Care At All About Something
    Not Have A Cat In Hell’S ChanceHave No Possibility Of Succeeding, Coming To Pass, Or Achieving Something
    Not Have A PrayerHave No Chance Of Success
    Not Know JackNot Know Anything
    Not Lift A FingerDo Nothing To Help
    Not Mince WordsModerate Or Weaken A Statement
    Not One’S Cup Of TeaNot Something One Is Interested In
    Not Playing With A Full DeckStupid, Mentally Deficient Or Impaired
    Not Ready For Prime TimeNot Yet Perfected, Inexperienced
    Not Sit Well With SomeoneBe Difficult To Accept, Make Someone Uncomfortable
    Nothing To Write Home AboutUnspectacular, Ordinary
    Nuts And BoltsEveryday Details Of Something
    Nutty As A FruitcakeCrazy, Idiotic, Wacky.

    In Summation

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    Navigating through ‘N’ idioms, we notice a neat assemblage of narratives and nuances that add novelty and depth to our everyday speech. These nimble expressions, steeped in the annals of history and the nuances of culture, nourish our language and make it niftier. For neophytes and connoisseurs of English alike, nestling these ‘N’ idioms into your vocabulary is a necessity. So, now that you’re in the know, why not integrate these nuggets into your narratives and navigate conversations with newfound nimbleness? Cheers to the nuances of ‘N’!

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