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97+ Idioms That Start With P

    Idioms That Start With P

    Packed with picturesque expressions and profound meanings, idioms paint a panoramic picture of linguistic evolution, proving that prose can be both pragmatic and poetic. Progressing through our alphabetic pilgrimage, we pause at the pivotal and plentiful letter “P”, which plays a predominant role in a plethora of our most prized idioms.

    From “paint the town red” to “put all your eggs in one basket”, the letter “P” parades a profusion of idiomatic phrases, each with its peculiar provenance and purpose, providing a peek into past practices and popular culture. Primed for philologists, purveyors of prose, or those with a penchant for playful linguistic puzzles, this piece promises to pique your interest. Plunge into the world of “P” idioms with us, as we probe their origins, ponder their meanings, and partake in the joy of discovering the stories that have positioned them in the pantheon of our parlance.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter P

    Plunging passionately into the profound panorama of English idioms, we are presented with the prolific and picturesque pronouncements propped up by the letter ‘P’. Packed with poetic punch and practical perspectives, ‘P’ provides a plethora of phrases painting peculiar paradigms of our past and present. In this pedagogical piece, let’s peruse the prominent and playful idioms predominantly propelled by the persuasive letter ‘P’.

    1. Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
      • Meaning: To rely solely on one course of action or investment for success.
      • Example: “Diversifying your portfolio is smart; you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.”
    2. Pull Someone’s Leg
      • Meaning: To tease or joke with someone.
      • Example: “Don’t take him seriously; he’s just pulling your leg.”
    3. Paint the Town Red
      • Meaning: To go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly.
      • Example: “After the final exams, they decided to paint the town red.”
    4. Pass the Buck
      • Meaning: To shift responsibility onto someone else.
      • Example: “The manager always passes the buck instead of dealing with issues himself.”
    5. Play It by Ear
      • Meaning: To act spontaneously based on the situation.
      • Example: “We don’t have a fixed plan for the weekend; we’ll play it by ear.”
    6. Penny for Your Thoughts
      • Meaning: A way of asking someone what they are thinking.
      • Example: “You’ve been quiet all evening – penny for your thoughts?”
    7. Push the Envelope
      • Meaning: To test or push the limits.
      • Example: “In order to innovate in the tech world, one must always push the envelope.”
    8. Put the Cart Before the Horse
      • Meaning: To do things out of the proper order or sequence.
      • Example: “You’re decorating the room before even building the house? That’s putting the cart before the horse.”
    9. Packed to the Rafters
      • Meaning: Extremely full or crowded.
      • Example: “The concert was packed to the rafters with excited fans.”
    10. Pour Oil on Troubled Waters
      • Meaning: To calm a tense or troubled situation.
      • Example: “She always knows how to pour oil on troubled waters during family disagreements.”
    11. Pull Up Stakes
      • Meaning: To leave one’s job, home, etc., and move elsewhere.
      • Example: “Deciding it was time for a change, he pulled up stakes and relocated to Europe.”
    12. Plead the Fifth
      • Meaning: To refuse to answer a question, especially in a legal context.
      • Example: “When asked about his involvement in the scandal, he pled the fifth.”
    13. Put One’s Best Foot Forward
      • Meaning: To act or perform to the best of one’s ability.
      • Example: “Knowing the competition was tough, she put her best foot forward during the interview.”
    14. Play Devil’s Advocate
      • Meaning: To argue against an idea for the sake of debate or to test the validity of the idea.
      • Example: “I agree with your plan, but just to play devil’s advocate, have you considered the potential risks?”
    15. Put One’s Nose to the Grindstone
      • Meaning: To work hard or focus heavily on one’s work.
      • Example: “With exams around the corner, it’s time to put your nose to the grindstone.”
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    List of idioms Starting with P

    Pack HeatCarry A Gun
    Paddle One’S Own CanoeTo Be Able To Act Independently.
    Page-TurnerA Page-Turner Is An Exciting Book That’S Easy To Read, A Book That’S Difficult To Put Down.
    Pain In The AssPain In The Butt
    Pain In The NeckSomeone Or Something Making Your Life Difficult
    Paint The Town RedGo Out Drinking And Partying
    Par For The CourseWhat Would Normally Be Expected. This Has A Negative Connotation.
    Party PooperSomeone Who Puts A Stop To The Fun
    Pass The BuckBlame Someone Else For Something Or Make Someone Else Responsible For A Difficult Or Unpleasant Task
    Pass With Flying ColorsTo Succeed At Something Easily
    Passing FancyA Temporary Interest Or Attraction
    Pay Through The Nose For SomethingPay A Large Amount Of Money
    Peaches And CreamA Situation, Process, Etc., That Has No Trouble Or Problems
    Pecking OrderHierarchy, Rank Of Importance
    Pencil Something InMake Tentative Arrangements
    Penny-PinchingFrugal, Avoiding Expenses Whenever Possible
    Pep TalkAn Encouraging Speech Given To A Person Or Group
    Perfect StormA Rare Combination Of Disastrous Occurrences
    Pet PeeveA Small Thing That You Find Particularly Annoying
    Pick A FightIntentionally Provoke A Conflict Or Fight With Someone
    Pick Up The SlackDo Something That Someone Else Is Not Doing, Assume Someone Else’S Responsibilities
    Pick Up The TabTo Pay A Bill Presented To A Group, Especially In A Restaurant Or Bar
    Pick Your BrainTo Ask Questions To Find Out Someone’S Thoughts Or Opinions On A Topic
    Pie In The SkySomething That Is Unrealistic Or That Cannot Be Achieved
    Piece Of CakeAn Especially Easy Task
    Pig OutTo Eat A Lot
    Pin Someone DownDemand A Decision Or Clear Answer
    Pinch PenniesTo Be Careful With Money, To Be Thrify
    Pink SlipA Layoff Notice, Loss Of A Job, Typically Because Of Layoffs
    Pipe DreamAn Unrealistic Hope, A Fantasy
    Piping HotVery Hot Generally Said Of Food
    Pipped To The PostDefeated By A Narrow Margin
    Pissing ContestA Meaningless Argument Or Competition, Typically Between Males
    Play BallCooperate, Agree To Participate
    Play Cat And MouseTrying To Trick Someone Into Making A Mistake So You Can Defeat Them.
    Play Devil’S AdvocateTo Argue The Opposite, Just For The Sake Of Argument
    Play HardballAdopt A Tough Negotiating Position, Act Aggressively
    Play It By EarImprovise
    Play The PercentagesBet On Or Rely On What Is Most Likely To Happen
    Play The PoniesBet On Horse Racing.
    Play With FireDo Something Very Risky
    Play Your Cards RightExploit A Situation To Your Best Advantage
    Plenty Of Fish In The SeaThere Are Plenty Of Other Dating Prospects Out There
    Plough Its Own FurrowTo Follow A Plan Or Course Of Action Independently
    Point Of No ReturnA Place From Which It Is Impossible To Go Back To The Starting Point
    Point Of ViewAn Opinion On Something
    Point The FingerAt Blame Someone
    Point The Finger AtBlame Someone
    Poison PillA Provision Or Feature Added To A Measure Or An Entity To Make It Less Attractive, An Undesirable Add-On
    Political FootballAn Issue That Politicians Argue In Circles About Or Seek To Use For Their Own Political Gain
    Political LandscapeThe Current State Of Things And How They Are Looking In The Future
    Pop One’S ClogsTo Die
    Pop One’S CorkTo Release One’S Anger, To Blow One’S Top
    Pop The QuestionPropose Marriage
    Pot Calling The Kettle BlackAccusing Someone Of Something Of Which You Are Also Guilty, Being Hypocritical
    Pour Rub Salt Into On The Wound An Open WoundWorsen An Insult Or Injury, Make A Bad Situation Worse For Someone
    Powder KegAn Explosive Situation, A Situation In Which People Are Angry And Ready To Be Violent
    Powder One’S NoseTo Use The Restroom Lavatory. This Is Used By Women
    Preach To The Choir, Preach To The ConvertedTo Make An Argument With Which Your Listeners Already Agree
    Preaching To The ChoirMaking Arguments To Those Who Already Agree With You
    Pretty PennyA Lot Of Money, Too Much Money When Referring To The Cost Of Something
    Price Yourself Out Of The MarketTry To Sell Goods Or Services At Such A High Price That Nobody Buys Them.
    Puddle JumperA Small Airplane, Used On Short Trips
    Pull Out All The StopsDo Everything Possible To Accomplish Something
    Pull Someone’S LegTo Joke With Someone
    Pull StringsUse Influence That’S Based On Personal Connections
    Pull The Plug OnTerminate Something
    Pull Yourself TogetherCalm Down
    Puppies And RainbowsPerfect, Ideal Usually Used Slightly Sarcastically, In Contrast With A Less Ideal Situation
    Puppy Dog EyesA Begging Look
    Puppy LoveAdolescent Love Or Infatuation, Especially One That Is Not Expected To Last
    Pure As The Driven SnowTo Be Innocent And Chaste Frequently Used Ironically
    Push The EnvelopeGo Beyond Common Ways Of Doing Something, Be Innovative
    Pushing Up DaisiesDead
    Put A Bug In His EarMake A Suggestion
    Put A Pin In ThisStop Discussing Or Working This Now, With Plans To Come Back To It Later
    Put A Thumb On The ScaleTry To Influence A Discussion In An Unfair Way, Cheat
    Put Down RootsEstablish Oneself In A Place, Settle
    Put In One’S Two CentsSay Your Opinion
    Put Lipstick On A PigIf You Dress Up Ugly, There’S Still Ugly Underneath
    Put One’S Face OnApply Cosmetics
    Put Out FeelersMake Discreet, Informal Suggestions, Ask Around
    Put Someone On The SpotForce Someone To Answer A Question Or Make A Decision Immediately
    Put Something On IcePut A Projet On Hold
    Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke ItAccept And Consider What I’M Saying, Even If You Don’T Like It!
    Put The Best Face On SomethingEmphasize The Positive Aspects Of A Bad Situation
    Put The Brakes OnSlow Something Down
    Put The Cart Before The HorseTo Do Things In The Wrong Order
    Put The Cat Among The PigeonsSay Or Do Something That Causes Trouble Or Controversy
    Put The Genie Back In The BottleTry To Suppress Something That Has Already Been Revealed Or Done
    Put The Pedal To The MetalDrive As Fast As Possible
    Put Up With SomethingTolerate, Accept
    Put Words Into Someone’S MouthAttributing An Opinion To Someone Who Has Never Stated That Opinion
    Put Your Foot DownUse Your Authority To Stop Negative Behavior
    Put Your Foot In Your MouthSay Something That You Immediately Regret
    Put Your Head In The SandTo Ignore Or Hide From The Obvious Signs Of Danger
    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsBack Up Your Opinions With A Financial Commitment

    In Reflection

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    Permeating the poetic landscape of the English language, ‘P’ idioms proffer a panoramic view of cultural peculiarities, historical parables, and everyday paradigms. They punctuate our conversations with pizzazz, painting precise pictures with just a few phrases. For both pupils and proficient speakers, these idioms are pivotal in peppering dialogues with profundity and panache. Permit yourself to plunge into the world of ‘P’ idioms, picking up these pearls of wisdom to propel your linguistic prowess to its peak! Celebrate the power of ‘P’!

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