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234+ Idioms That Start With T

    Idioms That Start With T

    Tales told through time, tracing traditions and touching upon the tenets of cultural tapestry—idioms are truly timeless treasures of the tongue. Treading forward in our thematic tour of the alphabet, we touch base with the tantalizing and teeming letter “T”, a titan of textual turns and twists in the terrain of idiomatic expressions.

    From “take with a grain of salt” to “throw in the towel”, the letter “T” teems with a trove of terms, each telling a tale, tinged with tradition and tinted by time’s touch. Tailored for thinkers, thespians, and those with a thirst for the theatrical thrills of language, this text is a tribute to the transformative power of words. Traverse this terrain with us as we track down the “T” idioms, unveiling their tales, teachings, and the timeless truths that have tethered them to our talk.

    Idioms Beginning With Letter T

    Trekking tenaciously through the terrain of English idioms, we touch base with the tantalizing tapestry threaded by the letter ‘T’. Teeming with tradition, tales, and truths, ‘T’ tenders a treasury of terms that titillate the tongue and tease the mind. In this treatise, let’s traverse the territory of ‘T’ to tally up its trove of timeless turns of phrase.

    1. Turn Over a New Leaf
      • Meaning: To make a fresh start; to change one’s behavior or attitude.
      • Example: “After years of procrastination, he decided to turn over a new leaf and complete his projects on time.”
    2. The Ball is in Your Court
      • Meaning: It’s now up to you to take action; the next move is yours.
      • Example: “I’ve done all I can; the ball is in your court now.”
    3. Throw in the Towel
      • Meaning: To admit defeat; to give up.
      • Example: “After several failed attempts, he decided to throw in the towel.”
    4. Take With a Grain of Salt
      • Meaning: To consider something to be not completely true or right; to view skeptically.
      • Example: “You should take those rumors with a grain of salt; they might not be entirely accurate.”
    5. Test the Waters
      • Meaning: To try something out to see if it will be successful or acceptable.
      • Example: “Before launching the new product nationally, the company decided to test the waters with a regional release.”
    6. Twist Someone’s Arm
      • Meaning: To persuade or force someone to do something.
      • Example: “I didn’t want to go to the party, but she twisted my arm.”
    7. Tip of the Iceberg
      • Meaning: A small, noticeable part of a problem, the total size of which is really much greater.
      • Example: “The issues we see now are just the tip of the iceberg; there are deeper problems at play.”
    8. Two Peas in a Pod
      • Meaning: Two people who are very similar in interests or behaviors.
      • Example: “My sister and I are like two peas in a pod; we think and act alike.”
    9. Tie the Knot
      • Meaning: To get married.
      • Example: “After dating for five years, they finally decided to tie the knot.”
    10. Take It on the Chin
      • Meaning: To bravely endure hardship, criticism, or adversity.
      • Example: “Despite the media backlash, the actress took it on the chin and continued with her charity work.”
    11. Throw Someone Under the Bus
      • Meaning: To betray or sacrifice someone for one’s personal gain.
      • Example: “In an attempt to save his own job, he threw his colleague under the bus.”
    12. Turn a Blind Eye
      • Meaning: To deliberately ignore or overlook something, often wrong or problematic.
      • Example: “You can’t just turn a blind eye to corruption within the organization.”
    13. The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall
      • Meaning: Powerful or influential people suffer more heavily when they fail.
      • Example: “He was the most influential man in the industry, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”
    14. The Sky’s the Limit
      • Meaning: There’s no limit to the possibilities.
      • Example: “With your talent and determination, the sky’s the limit.”
    15. Throw Caution to the Wind
      • Meaning: To behave or act recklessly.
      • Example: “On vacation, she threw caution to the wind and tried skydiving.”
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    List of idioms Starting with T

    Take Someone To The CleanersSwindle, Defeat Badly
    Take A Deep Dive IntoExplore Something Extensively
    Take A FlyerTo Take A Rise, Especially To Make A Speculative Investment
    Take A GanderGo To Take A Look At Something
    Take A HikeGo Away
    Take A PowderTo Leave, Especially In Order To Avoid A Difficult Situation
    Take A Rain CheckPostpone A Plan
    Take FiveTo Take One Brief About Five Minutes Rest Period
    Take Five TenTake A Short Break Of Five Ten Minutes
    Take It EasyRelax, Rest, Calm Down
    Take It On The ChinBe Attacked, Suffer An Attack
    Take It Or Leave It CommandYou Must Decide Now Whether You Will Accept This Proposal
    Take It With A Grain Of SaltDon’T Take It Too Seriously
    Take Someone To TaskReprimand Someone Strongly
    Take Someone’S SideTo Support One Person’S Side Of An Argument
    Take Something With A Pinch Grain Of SaltIf You Take What Someone Says With A Pinch Of Salt, You Do Not Completely Believe It.
    Take The CakeBe The Most Extreme Instance
    Take The Edge Off Of SomethingTo Slightly Improve Something Negative
    Take The FifthRefuse To Answer Because Answering Might Incriminate Or Cause Problems For You
    Take The Gloves OffNegotiate In A More Aggressive Way
    Take The High RoadRefuse To Descend To Immoral Activities Or Personal Attacks
    Take The Mickey Piss Out Of SomeoneMake Fun Of Or Ridicule Someone
    Take The Shine Off SomethingTo Do Something That Diminishes A Positive Event
    Take The Starch Out Of SomeoneMake Someone Less Confident Or Less Arrogant
    Take The Wind Out Of Someone’S SailsTo Reduce Someone’S Confidence, Ofte By Doing Something Unexpected
    Take Your Life In Your HandsUndergo Extreme Risk
    Take Your MedicineAccept Something Unpleasant, For Example, Punishment, Without Protesting Or Complaining
    Take Your TimeDon’T Hurry, Work At A Relaxed Pace
    Taste Of Your Own MedicineThe Same Unpleasant Experience Or Treatment That One Has Given To Others
    Teach An Old Dog New TricksTo Change Someone’S Long-Established Habits. Usually Used In The Negative
    Teacher’S PetA Person Who Is Considered The Teacher’S Favorite. This Can Be Used In A Positive Or Negative Way Depending On The Context
    Tear One’S Hair OutBe Extremely Worried Or Frustrated
    Tear-JerkerA Film Or Book That Makes You Cry
    Tee Many MartooniesToo Many Martinis, Scrambled To Suggest Drunkenness
    Tell It To The MarinesI Don’T Believe You, You Must Think I’M Gullible.
    Tempest In A TeapotA Commotion About Something Unimportant
    Ten A PennyOrdinary, Inexpensive
    Ten To OneSomething Very Likely
    Test The WatersExperiment With Something Cautiously
    Thank God It’S Friday TgifLet’S Be Happy That The Workweek Is Over!
    That Really Knocked My Socks OffTo Be Really Impressed By Something
    That Ship Has SailedIt’S Too Late
    That’S A StretchWhat You Are Suggesting Is Very Difficult To Believe, I Am Very Skeptical
    That’S All She WroteThat Was The End Of The Story.
    That’S Music To My EarsI Am Very Happy To Hear This.
    That’S The Last StrawMy Patience Has Run Out
    The Apple Never Falls Far From The TreeFamily Characteristics Are Usually Inherited
    The Ball Is In Your CourtIt’S Your Decision
    The Best Of Both WorldsAn Ideal Situation
    The Best Thing Since Sliced BreadA Really Good Invention
    The Birds And The BeesHuman Sexuality And Reproduction
    The Cat Is Out Of The BagThe Secret Has Been Revealed.
    The Cherry On The CakeThe Final Thing That Makes Something Perfect
    The Coast Is ClearWe Are Unobserved, It Is Safe To Proceed.
    The Cold ShoulderAn Unfriendly Welcome
    The Cold WarWar Without Active Fighting Between Nations
    The Deck Is The Cards AreStacked Against You Unfavorable Conditions Exist.
    The Devil Is In The DetailsIt Looks Good From A Distance, But When You Look Closer, There Are Problems
    The Early Bird Catches The WormThe One Who Takes The Earliest Opportunity To Do Something Will Have An Advantage Over Others
    The Early Bird Gets The WormThe First People Who Arrive Will Get The Best Stuff
    The Elephant In The RoomThe Big Issue, The Problem People Are Avoiding
    The Icing On The CakeSomething Additional That Turns Good Into Great
    The Jig Is UpA Secret Illicit Activity Has Been Exposed, Your Trickery Is Finished
    The More Things Change, The More They Stay The SameAlthough Something May Seem Superficially New, It Has Not Altered The Basic Situation.
    The Only Game In TownThe Sole Option For A Particular Service.
    The Pot Calling The Kettle BlackSomeone Criticizing Someone Else He Is Just As Bad
    The Powers That BePeople In Charge, Often Used When The Speaker Does Not Want To Identify Them.
    The Real MccoyA Genuine Item
    The Ship Has SailedIt’S Too Late
    The Story Has LegsPeople Are Continuing To Pay Attention To The Story.
    The Time Is RipeIf You Say That The Time Is Ripe, You Mean That It Is A Suitable Point For A Particular Activity
    The Walls Have EarsWe May Be Overheard, Be Careful What You Say
    The Walls Have Ears WeMay Be Overheard, Be Careful What You Say
    The Whole EnchiladaAll Of Something.
    The Whole Nine YardsEverything, All The Way.
    The Whole ShebangEverything, All The Parts Of Something
    The World Is Your OysterYou Can Achieve Whatever/Go Wherever You Want
    There Are Clouds On The HorizonTrouble Is Coming
    There Are Other Fish In The SeaIt’S Ok To Miss This Opportunity. Others Will Arise.
    There But For The Grace Of God Go II Could Easily Have Done What That Person Did.
    There’S More Than One Way To Skin A CatThere’S More Than One Way Of Achieving A Certain Goal.
    There’S No Such Thing As A Free LunchNothing Is Given To You Without Some Expectation Of Something In Return.
    There’S A Method To His MadnessHe Seems Crazy But Actually He’S Clever
    Thin On The GroundRare, Seldom Encountered
    Think BigConsider Ambitious Plans, Avoid Becoming Overly Concerned With Details
    Think Outside The BoxTry To Solve A Problem In An Original Way, Think Creatively
    Think TankA Group Of Experts Engaged In Ongoing Studies Of A Particular Subject, A Policy Study Group
    Third RailA Topic So Sensitive That It Is Dangerous To Raise. This Is Especially Used In Political Contexts
    Third Time’S A CharmTo Describe That The First Two Times Did Not Work, But It Will Work On Your Third Try
    Thirty-Thousand-Foot ViewA Very Broad Or General Perspective
    This Has Person X Written All Over It[Person X] Would Really Like Or Be Well Suited To This.
    This Is Not Your Father’SThis Item Has Been Much Updated From Its Earlier Versions.
    Those Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’T Throw StonesPeople Who Are Morally Questionable Shouldn’T Criticize Others
    Three Sheets To The WindVery Drunk
    Through The GrapevineVia Gossip
    Through Thick And ThinIn Good Times And In Bad Times
    Throw A Wet Blanket On SomethingDiscourage Plans For Something
    Throw A Wrench IntoTo Sabotage, To Cause To Fail
    Throw Caution To The WindTake A Risk
    Throw Down The GauntletTo Issue A Challenge
    Throw ElbowsBe Combative, Be Aggressive Physically Or Figuratively
    Throw In The TowelTo Give Up, Admit Defeat
    Throw Light On SomethingTo Reveal Something About Someone/Something, To Clarify Something
    Throw Someone For A LoopDeeply Surprise Someone, Catch Someone Off Guard
    Throw Someone Under The BusSacrifice Someone Else’S Interests For Your Own Personal Gain
    Throw The Baby Out With The Bath WaterEliminate Something Good While Discarding The Bad Parts Of Something
    Throw The Book AtProsecute Legally As Strongly As Possible
    Throw The FightIntentionally Lose A Contest, Usually In Collusion With Gamblers
    Throw The GameIntentionally Lose A Contest, Usually In Collusion With Gamblers
    Throw The MatchIntentionally Lose A Contest, Usually In Collusion With Gamblers
    Tie The KnotGet Married
    Tighten The ScrewsIncrease Pressure On Someone
    Tight-LippedSecretive, Unwilling To Explain Something
    Til The Cows Come HomeFor A Very Long Time
    Time FliesTo Express That Time Passes Quickly
    Time Flies When You’Re Having FunTime Seems To Move Faster When You’Re Enjoying Something
    Time Is MoneyTime Is A Valuable Resource
    Tip Of The IcebergA Small, Visible Part Of A Much Larger Problem
    Tip One’S HandReveal One’S Advantages, Reveal Useful Information That One Possesses
    TlcTender Loving Care
    To Add A Pinch Of Salt To SomethingTo Acknowledge That Someone Exaggerates
    To Be A Fly On The WallTo Wish To Witness What Is Going On Without Anyone Being Aware That You Are There
    To Be A MinefieldWhen Something Presents Many Possible Dangers
    To Be A PeachSomeone Or Something That Is Extremely Good, Impressive, Or Attractive
    To Be As Right As RainTo Feel Healthy Or Well Again
    To Be At A CrossroadsWhen Someone Is At A Point In Life Where Their Decisions Will Have Long Term Consequences
    To Be Left In The DarkWhen Someone Doesn’T Receive All The Appropriate Information That Tells The Whole Story
    To Be On Cloud NineTo Be Extremely Happy
    To Be On Solid GroundTo Be Confident About The Topic You Are Dealing With, Or Because You Are In A Safe Situation
    To Be On Thin IceTo Be In A Risky Situation
    To Be Smitten With SomeoneTo Be Completely Captivated By Someone And Feel Immense Joy
    To Be Someone’S One And OnlyTo Be Unique To The Other Person
    To Be The Apple Of Someone’S EyeTo Be Loved And Treasured By Someone
    To Be Under The WeatherTo Feel Sick
    To Bear FruitTo Develop In A Profitable Or Positive Way
    To Beat Around The BushTo Avoid Talking About What Is Important
    To Bend Over Backward For SomeoneTo Go Out Of Your Way To Do Something For Them
    To Bite Off More Than You Can ChewWhen Someone Makes A Commitment That They Cannot Keep
    To Bite The BulletTo Force Yourself To Do Something Unpleasant Or Difficult
    To Break The IceTo Get The Conversation Going
    To Burn A BridgeTo Ruin A Relationship To The Point That It Cannot Be Repaired
    To Bury The MemoryTo Try To Hide Something, Such As A Memory, The Truth Etc.
    To CarpoolTo Travel To The Same Place With A Group Of People In One Car. E.G. Work/School
    To Chew Something OverTo Think About Something Before Making A Decision
    To Cut Somebody Some SlackTo Stop Being So Critical Of Them
    To Cutback SomethingTo Reduce Something, Usually Related To The Amount Of Money Spent
    To Devour Someone Or SomethingTo Consume Something Very Quickly
    To Dig DeepTo Use A Lot Of Your Physical, Mental Or Financial Resources To Achieve Something
    To Do Something At The Drop Of A HatTo Do Something At Once, Without Any Delay
    To Each His OwnPeople Have Different Tastes.
    To Eat Your WodsWhen Someone Has To Admit They Were Wrong
    To Get A Taste Of Your Own MedicineTo Be Treated The Way You’Ve Treated Others
    To Get Bent Out Of ShapeTo Get Upset
    To Get Cold FeetTo Experience Reluctance Or Fear
    To Get Good Mileage Out Of SomethingTo Get A Lot Of Benefits From Something
    To Get Off On The Wrong FootTo Make A Bad First Impression With Someone
    To Get On With Your LifeTo Make Progress In Life Goals After A Difficulty
    To Get Out Of HandTo Lose Control In A Situation
    To Get Wind Of SomethingTo Hear A Rumor About Something
    To Get Your Wires CrossedTo Misunderstand Another Person Particularly Because You Thought That They Were Talking About One Thing When They Were Actually Talking About Another Thing
    To Give Someone The Benefit Of The DoubtTo Justify Or Excuse Someone’S Actions, And Not Assume Malice
    To Give Someone The Cold ShoulderTo Intentionally Ignore Someone
    To Go Around In CirclesWhen You Repeat The Same Things Over Again In A Conversation Without Coming To A Conclusion Or Resolution
    To Go Down In FlamesTo Fail Miserably At Something
    To Go To BatTo Speak Out Positively About Someone Or Something With The Intent Of Helping
    To Have A Chip On One’S ShoulderTo Be Combative, To Be Consistently Argumentative
    To Have Bigger Fish To FryTo Have More Important Things To Do With Your Time
    To Have Butterflies In Your StomachTo Be Nervous
    To Have One For The RoadTo Have One Last Alcoholic Drink Before You Go Home
    To Have Your Head In The CloudsTo Be Daydreaming And/Or Lacking Concentration
    To Have Your Whole Life In Front Of YouTo Be Young And Have A Lot Of Years To Live
    To Hear Something Straight From The Horse’S MouthTo Hear From Someone Who Personally Observed A Certain Event
    To Keep Someone At Arm’S DistanceTo Keep Your Distance And Not Get Too Involved With Someone
    To Let Someone Off The HookTo Not Hold Someone Responsible For Something He/She Has Done Wrong
    To Let The Cat Out Of The BagTo Reveal A Secret
    To Make Matters WorseMake A Problem Worse
    To Miss The BoatTo Miss An Opportunity
    To Move At A Snail’S PaceTo Move Slowly
    To Not Swallow SomethingTo Not Accept Something As Fact
    To Pay An Arm And A LegA Very High Cost
    To Play The Devil’S AdvocateTo Argue Against An Idea For The Sake Of Debate
    To Pop One’S CherryTo Do Something For The First Time
    To Prune OutTo Clear, Clean Or Groom Something
    To Pull Someone’S LegTo Say Something That Is Not True As A Way Of Joking
    To Rain On Someone’S ParadeTo Ruin One’S Plans Or Temper One’S Excitement
    To Rub Someone The Wrong WayTo Irritate Or Get On Someone’S Nerves
    To Run Hot And ColdTo Be Unable To Make Up One’S Mind
    To Run InterferenceTo Try To Remove Obstacles That Are In Someone’S Way, Clearing The Way For Someone Else
    To Run Like The WindTo Run Very Fast
    To See Which Way The Wind Is BlowingTo Try To Discover Information About A Situation Before Taking Action
    To Spill The BeansTo Reveal A Secret
    To Take A Rain CheckTo Postpone A Plan
    To Take SidesTo Choose A Team
    To The LetterExactly Said Of Instructions Or Procedures
    To Throw Caution To The WindTo Do Something Without Worrying About The Risk
    To Tread CarefullyTo Behave Or Speak Carefully To Avoid Offending Or Causing Problems With Someone Or Something
    To Walk Someone Through SomethingTo Show Someone How To Do Something
    To Wrap Your Head Around SomethingTo Understand Something Complicated
    Toe The LineAccept Authority, Follow The Rules
    Tone-DeafNot Good At Perceiving The Impact Of One’S Words, Insensitive
    Tongue-In-CheekSaid Ironically, Not Meant To Be Taken Seriously
    Too Busy Fighting Alligators To Drain The SwampSo Occupied With Multiple Challenges That One Can’T Keep The Big Picture In Mind
    Too Many Chiefs And Not Enough IndiansEveryone Wants To Be A Leader, And No One Wants To Do The Actual Work
    Too Many Cooks Spoil The BrothA Project Works Best If There Is Input From A Limited Number Of People
    Too Many To Shake A Stick AtA Large Number
    Toot Your Own HornBrag, Emphasize One’S Own Contributions
    Top BananaThe Boss, The Leader
    Top Of The LineThe Best Possible Version Of Something, The Most Luxurious Or Expensive Options
    Toss A Wrench Spanner IntoSabotage, Cause A Process To Stop
    Touch BaseMeet Briefly With Someone
    Touch One’S HeartAffect Someone Emotionally, Be Touching
    Touch WaterBe Launched. Said Of A Boat.
    Tough CookieA Very Determined Person
    Tough SleddingDifficult Progress
    Train WreckAnything That Develops In A Disastrous Way
    TransparencySomething That Can Be Seen By Everyone/The Public
    Trash TalkInsults Directed At One’S Opponent In A Sporting Event Or Contest
    Tread WaterMaintain A Current Situation Without Improvement Or Decline
    Trial BalloonA Test Of Someone’S Or The Public’S Reaction
    Trip The Light FantasticDance Well, Do Ballroom Dancing
    Turn A Blind EyeTo Choose Not To Notice Something
    Turn On A DimeQuickly Reverse Direction Or Position
    Turn Someone Inside OutTo Cause Strong Emotional Turmoil, To Completely Change Someone
    Turn Something On Its HeadReverse Something, Cause Something To Be Done In A New Way
    Turn The CornerTo Begin To Improve After A Problem
    Turn The TablesReverse A Situation
    Turn TurtleCapsize, Turn Over
    Turnabout Is Fair PlayIf You Suffer From The Same Suffering You Have Inflicted On Others, That’S Only Fair
    Twenty-Four SevenAt Any Time
    Twist The Knife In DeeperMake Someone’S Suffering Worse
    Two A PennyOrdinary, Inexpensive
    Two Peas In A PodTwo People Who Are Very Similar In Appearance
    Two Wrongs Don’T Make A RightIf Someone Has Done Something Bad To You, There’S No Justification To Act In A Similar Way

    In Conclusion

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    Traversing the tapestry of ‘T’ idioms, one tumbles upon a treasure trove of tales, traditions, and teachings. These thematic tidbits, tied to the tapestry of time, transform the texture of our talk, making it more tantalizing and textured. For those thirsting for a touch of eloquence, these ‘T’ idioms offer a ticket to a more textured terrain of expression. Tarry no longer! Tune into the transformative tones of ‘T’ and tantalize listeners with your tenacity for terrific talk. To the triumphant trailblazers, to ‘T’!

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